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Jun 12, 2007 12:53 PM

Warming roast chicken

I woke up at 4:45am and decided, after the requisite attempts to go back to sleep, to roast chickens for tonight. They came out beautifully; and then I had to put them in the fridge until tonight. How should I rewarm in order to keep the crispy crackly skin-- a quick, very hot blitz or a slow 200 degree oven? Or is it a lost cause and I should've eaten them at 8 when they came out of the oven?

Also, if I need to freeze one can I just wrap and freeze or do I need to carve first?


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  1. Of course you should have had them for breakfast!
    Not only the skin, but the meat will be different after refrigeration. You cannot really expect the same product after reheating, but I would go with cutting the chicken into quarters, and reheating it in a realtively low, but not painfully slow, oven--maybe 300.

    My choice at this time of year? Make chicken salad.

    1. Reheating lean flesh is where less is more: protein will cook over 140F, so you want to keep from re-cooking the flesh as much as possible. And is it necessary? Room temperature roasted chicken is delicious, just different. You cannot recapture the crispness of a just-roasted bird, so don't even try to mimic it.

      You should joint before freezing, since the air that would be captured in the cavity of the bird is not desireable; you want as little air as possible when freezing.

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        I've had decent succes by warming my oven to 550 and putting the chicken in ice cold, roasting for 20 minutes. The interior will still be cool, but the skin will get crispy again.

      2. Sometimes I remove the skin to heat it back separately. Cover the chicken to keep it moist, take it out of the oven when warmed and turn the oven up to crisp the skin.
        It doesn't look so great for presentation, but you get crisp skin.

        1. Cover the chickens in foil, then bring up to temperature at 350. Remove the foil. Mix olive oil and butter give the chicken a good painting, broil them at high heat for only a few minutes to crisp the skin back up.

          You have already lost the juices when you removed them from the oven earlier. So you will not have that "juicy"chicken but it will be okay.

          1. Refrigerating a fatal mistake. Roast chicken could have waited all day. And then abit of reheating in gentle oven in an alumimium foil, but indeed it is much better at room temperature -- not at fridge temperature