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Jun 12, 2007 12:48 PM

S'more Desserts?

Summer is making me think camping, which means: S'MORES!! Anyone seen any good s'mores around town? Or maybe s'more inspired desserts? Reading about Americano's inside out s'more ice cream sandwich in the Chron last week has me going on this one. Interested to hear what other cool s'more inspired desserts are out there right now. Thanks!

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  1. Citizen Cake has a s'more dessert, which is a graham cookie, topped with marshmallow, and covered in a thin chocolate shell. It's OK, but not their best dessert.

    Recchuti has a pricey high-end s'mores do-it-yourself box. It's really good. The crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate are all top notch. Given that they're so easy to make, the boxed set is kind of unnecessary, but it makes a good summertime gift.

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      In addition to the make-yourself kits, Recchiuti has a s'mores candy that comes 3 or 4 in a cellophane package. The melty-gooey part is missing, but otherwise they're great. Try to eat just one...!

    2. We went to Luna Park in the winter and they had a do-it-yourself smore dish where they brought out some melted chocolate and creamy marshmellow in mini fondue settings. The marshmellow was also toasted on top. They served it with some graham cracker cookies. Pretty good, and bonus points for being interactive. It's on the online menu, so I figure they still serve it.

      1. I loved Luna Park's s'mores. The graham cracker tasted homemade. As I can recall, the chocolate was bittersweet. YUM! Afterwards you can walk to Paxton Gate and look at a ll the funky plants and bones and skulls...

        1. Velvet Cantina in the Mission has a smores dessert, I've never had it before but its pretty impressive when they bring it to the table. The marshmellows on top are still on fire!

          1. Check out Dinos'mores and the Great American S'more Bar. They can be purchased online and I've also seen them at various high-end stores in the Bay Area.