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Jun 12, 2007 12:25 PM

Dinner near 92nd Street Y

Can anyone suggest a decent place for dinner tonight before an 8 PM event at the Y on 92nd and Lexington. We don't want fussy like Sarabeth or French like Bistro du Nord. I guess we want casual, comfortable with great food and don't want to spend a bundle.

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  1. There's Peri Ela - Turkish, just south of the Y, but v. mixed reviews. Island on Madison between 92nd and 93rd has a decent hamburger. I really like Pascalou - same block but across the street - but if you find Sarabeth and Bistro du Nord fussy, you might feel the same way about it. Nick's Pizza up at 94th Street (and Lex?) has quite good pizza and "red sauce" Italian food, though I've not eaten in - only delivery. I guess my neighborhood is a bit on the fussy side (smile)! I also like Table d'Hote, 92nd just E. of Madison - but again, maybe the same problem. You could go to Cafe d'Alsace - 2nd Ave, in the high 80s, I think - has been getting some good reviews lately.

    1. I live in the area and I cannot characterize anything nearby as "great". There are some casual places that are decent such as - Don Pedro's, El Paso Taqueria, Nick's and Zebu Grill. If you want great food consider another area of the city.

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        I'd forgotten about Zebu Grill - I think that is a good choice - Brazilian, not fussy, great empanadas. E. 92nd between 1st & 2nd. Also, Kurio's is across the street - very interesting food, great cocktails.

        1. re: MMRuth

          I second Zebu Grill--excellent caipirinhas, nice mixed grill, attentive wait staff.

      2. There is nothing super special about it but Isahama (on 3rd and 93rd) has good (and quick) Japanese that's quite well priced. I had the softshell crab salad special a few days ago and it was tasty.

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          I also like Ichi Ro for decent, not great, sushi- on 2nd Ave. around 88th - there's also a new sushi at 89th that I've been wanting to try.

          1. re: MMRuth

            The new sushi place at 89th and 2nd is is Tenzan. We weren't aware of it until we drove past one day a few weeks ago. We quickly got rid of the car and walked back, 'cause a new Japanese restaurant only two blocks from home just begs to be checked out. It was quite good. Service was very nice and the sushi was fresh-tasting. No one thing stands out, but it is definitely going to be our go-to place when we're craving sushi/sashimi and cooked Japanese dishes, as well. We've been going to Ko (York & 85th) and Tokubei (86th between 1st & 2nd), but like this place much more than either of those two. (Plus, it's closer to home, which makes it all the more attractive...)

            1. re: Deenso

              Just came back from Tenzan! Sad as we are to say it - b/c the people at Ichi Ro are v. sweet to us - the sushi/sashmi was better, and our bill was lower. The ambiance/decor was nicer. Love the fried oyster roll. Also had the sashimi deluxe, the sea bass roll (excellent), and a tuna/avocado roll wrapped in cucumber - a bit boring - my husband's choice and one that, IMHO, is always boring. Had an order of shumai as well, a couple of pieces of nigiri a la carte, a bottle of (not so great) pinot grigio, and a small hot sake for my husband. Check was about $108 before tip. We'll be back - and it's also closer to our place.

              1. re: MMRuth

                I didn't like Tenzan. the toro was a huge slab of bright red tuna and the rest of the sashimi tasted like something out of a fast food sushi joint...textureless and flavorless to say the sticking to Donguri and Gauyjumura and Inase on UES.

                1. re: girlcritic

                  I've got to add those places to our list of places to try - I know you've mentioned them before - thanks for the reminder.

                  And you are right - the sashimi pieces are large, which I don't like - forgot to mention that.

                  1. re: girlcritic

                    Can you provide locations for Gauyjumura and Inase? Thanks.

                    1. re: jwobkk

                      gajyumaru is on first ave, between 86th and 87th, and has really fresh fish at a good price. their homemade tofu is a real standout as well. it's my neighborhood go-to sushi. inase is on first ave, between 82nd and 83rd. while the fish is good, i had such bad service there one night in february that i stopped going.

                      1. re: jcd

                        Ah yes, I've been to Gajyumaru about 2 year ago and it was really good. I'll have to go back and enjoy it again.

          2. PioPio on First Ave bet 90th and 91sts, very casual Peruvian place, great chicken.
            U Cafe, a newish Israeli place on Lexington bet. 93rd and 94th. I only went there for lunch, sandwiches and salads are good, I haven't been there for dinner.