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Jun 12, 2007 12:09 PM

Best Prime Rib - Orange County (and LA)?

Two years have passed since the last post specific to Orange County prime rib.
I'm an OC resident, have eaten at Gulivers and Five Crowns and despite the barmaid-kitsch, have enjoyed both.

I am looking for feedback on any new/better prime rib choices that may have popped up within the past couple of years. My questions: (1) are there any, and (2) is Lawries (or any others in LA) worth -- what has become -- the 1.5 hour drive?

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  1. Summit House in Fullerton has good prime rib and great creamed corn.

    Taps in Brea has "prime time" on Sundays (I think). Prime rib dinner with salad, dessert, and sides for $25(?).

    1. For my taste, I love Lawry's. Lawry's is the reason I started to crave prime rib. I have gone there a couple times and the food is consistent. When I have taken friends they have had positive feedback. When I visited some friends up in San Francisco. They said the place to go is House of Prime Rib. The setup and meals are quite similar. Throughout the meal though, I was wishing I was at Lawry's! Good Luck with your search!

      Just don't fill up on the free meatballs haha!

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        Lawry's is definately good. However, I would avoid the asparagus as they left alot to be desired, and I would not get the massive double cut (did it once never again). Their salad and creamed spinach though is quite good

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          Thanks for the comparison! I grew up in SF, and special family dinners usually took place at House of Prime Rib.

        2. When I think of Prime Rib in the OC, my first thoughts are also Gulliver's and Five Crowns. Gulliver's is great, with real yorkshire pudding and creamed spinach. And Five Crowns is (I think) part of the Lawry's chain, so that would explain their prime rib goodness!

          I've had prime rib at many other restaurants (Outback, Black Angus, McCormick & Schmick's, Claim Jumper, Houston's, etc) but none of them really "wow" me anymore. I make a pretty good prime rib at home (Costco sells great USDA Choice rib roasts), and I figure if I can make it better at home it's not worth spending $20+ at any of those restaurants.

          I did like Outback for the seasoning that they put on the prime rib, and Houston's is just plain good for the money. But if I'm splurging, I would go to Gulliver's. I mean, Prime Rib is the main thing they serve!

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          1. re: kingkong5

            "make a pretty good prime rib at home (Costco sells great USDA Choice rib roasts),"

            Hell yeah! Prime rib + rack of lamb at home = HUGE savings

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              Houston's prime rib on the bone, is one of the best in OC. Good quality beef, great crust, and the au jus is superb.

              Does Flemings still do Prime Rib on sundays.....and is it any good? For the price, it seemed like a great value.

            2. Oh, another goodie I forgot to mention. The Beach House in Laguna Beach has these daily sunset specials (be seated before 6pm) that start at $9.95. I think the Prime Rib runs $14.95, at least that's what it was when I was there last. It's right on the beach with a lovely sunset view. For that price, and the view, the prime rib comes out to a decent value.

              1. I haven't tried it yet, but a friend whose taste I respect tells me that the Sunday evening prime rib with Yorkshire pudding served by the Grill on the Alley ( ) in Beverly Hills is spectacular