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Jun 12, 2007 11:56 AM

Stuffed Lotus-leaf "jungs" for May 5 Festival?

Any opinions on this treat? For us Chinese it's that time of the year again when the family follows tradition & makes hundreds of these things filled with rice, beans, pork, dried salted egg, etc. Unfortunate for me, my family's "jungs"—as are called in Cantonese—never tastes as good as those I get from stores or from vendors in Chinatown. Does anyone have any favs they care to talk about? There's a sweet version with no fillings, and which you eat with some kind of syrup—not my fav. I prefer those with green mung beans, which turn yellow when cooked. Another version has peanuts in them, not my fav either. My parents insist that jungs need to be boiled for hours, but theirs always turn out mushy & flavorless.

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  1. I go to a place year round on Pell street where it meets Mott. I'm not sure of the name of the store, but it's on the south east corner of that junction across for a hair salon. It's not the best I've tasted but it definitelyu does the trick for me when I'm craving one.

    I'm not sure about the sweet versions, I'm only a savory zhung person. But I know they definitely have some.

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      The place is called May May and they do good jung. Made fresh daily. There are 4 or 5 savory varieties. I really like the peanut and pork.

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        That's the place I go to! I get the peanut and pork too (Shanghai style I think)

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          This is THE place that's putting out that wonderful aroma when they steam their ZhongZi. I like the Taiwanese style ones, with fatty pork, & peanuts, but I heard very recently from a vegetarian that there's a vegetarian one that's made with very soft and fluffy yellow peas...? Might want to investigate that one, too.

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            Thanks, will give it a try this weekend after picking up mushy jungs from M&D!

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              Does anyone know where to get zhongzi that does not have MSG in it? I love the ones at May May, but they're loaded with MSG (I get that horrible MSG feeling whenever I eat them, and the store conceded that all of their varieties have MSG). I would love to find some that are tasty and MSG-free, if possible.

          2. Thats unfortunate. I always thought the jungs made at home tastes the best and always disappointed when i buy it from a store, but it beats the cravings. I'm still in search for the best one but so far, my fathers jung remains the best. In addition to the ones listed below, Deluxe Food Center with entrance on Elizabeth or Mott street between Hester and Grand st. sells an ok one.

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              Hi DarthEater, I agree with you. The jungs bought outside are very disappointing. My mom makes the best jungs! SHe puts chinese sausages and salted egg yolks in them and a piece of fatty pork in addition to the yellow beans and peanuts. YUM! I've always wanted to learn how to do it but the idea of boiling them for hours just turns me away from learning them. So far, I haven't found one close to hers. My least favorite kind of jung is the sweet one. There's a funny aftertaste to it.