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Jun 12, 2007 11:37 AM

Grand Central Station NYC - Shabbos Kosher

Hounders - I'm going to be in NYC for Shabbos in July and need to get some cold food to go Friday afternoon. I'll want to pick it up Friday afternoon and I'll have a fridge in my hotel room.

Any advice for where to go to get takeout? I don't need traditional Shabbos food, deli would be fine.


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  1. Mendy's has a location IN Grand Central. Wolf & Lamb is just around the corner if you want something more substantial.

    1. oh you are in luck my Texas brother --
      Mendy's has not one but TWO kiosks in the food court at Grand Central - 1 milk, 1 meat - right next to each other.

      if you walk around in the big circle of the food court, you cant miss it

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        I hope the Mendy's by Grand Central is better than the one in the CitiCorp building. I wasn't impressed with that one at all.

        1. re: mstropicana

          There is no Mendy's in the Citicorp building. That place is Eli's. The local Mendy's is at 57th between Lex and Park. It is better than Eli's.

      2. you have a number of choices - you might want to check out - selcting either the midtown east/west neighborhoods - also a little bit further walk you check out the garment district as well -

        ONe I would recommend based on your posting - Kosher Deluxe -

        1. see Kosher Delight at - they have an extensive Shabbat takeout menu (and they deliver), that seems to be in line with what you are looking for

          1. Chabad - 2 blocks from Grand Central serves Hot ( (:.) Meals