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Carson/Torrance must-try?

After a couple of years since my last vist, I'm coming out again to the Carson/Torrance area for a few days. What are the places I should not miss?

The usual response to such a question is "Well, what sort of food are you looking for?" but in my case, I like almost anything, so my focus is on what's best in the area, particularly if it's something that I would not normally find here in the Baltimore area. Good value for the money rates high, and I don't drink wine, so wine lists aren't an issue. I don't mind being in a place where I'm the only customer speaking English.

If there is a "superstar-chef-orgasmatron" place, I'm open to that, as long as in the end, it's a decent value for the money spent, however high or low the tab may be. I'm not interested in the "name-dropping" value of celeb chefs, and I'm not fond of paying more for the name than for how good the food actually is.


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  1. Try Shen Shen Gumi in that area. It's a Japanese yakitori place with skewers of different food. Very yummy.

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      WHills - that was going to be MY reply. But it is Shin-Sen-Gumi -- not Shen Shen Gumi -- and is right off the 405 on the Western exit, first block on the left to the East of the freeway.

      Whenever I visit the area, this is the first place I go!

    2. bruddah's for great hawaiian eats. it is a hole-in-the-wall joint but the food is very good.

      1. Love the Onami Japanese Buffet. About $24.95 for dinner if I remember correctly. Delish. Giuliano's Deli for sandwiches in Torrance also.

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          Bruddah's hawaiian food


          Check out their grilled butter fish and/or beef stew. Completely lackluster service in a true hole in the wall.

        2. I've heard Musha in Torrance is good for izakaya.

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            Musha is great. I love the tongue there.

          2. Red Car Brewery, 1266 Sartori in Torrance, redcarbrewery.com

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              El Pollo Inka on Artesia Blvd., casual, but great central American food!

            2. there is a korean tofu house called
              Cho Dang Tofu Restaurant that i enjoyed very much
              22549 Hawthorne Blvd
              Torrance, CA 90505
              (310) 373-7055

              1. ah, a bit north is the city of lawndale....and al noor. really good "hole in the wall" pakistani food.

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                  The Depot in Torrance....Michael Shafers is the chef owner, and he puts out consistently great food...not cheap, but good value....have been there many times..great waitstaff

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                    I used to eat at The Depot a lot for lunch -- best "Club Sandwich" around (crab cake, foie gras, applewood-smoked bacon all on rounds of sourdough).