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Jun 12, 2007 10:14 AM

Sassi or Mosaic?

We'll be up this direction this weekend(actually staying at the Four Seasons with a dining credit...we'll probably use the the credit for poolside cocktails or breakfast unless anyone high recommends one of the restaurants there).

Will be celebrating a birthday...have already been to Binkley's this past fall and while we'd love to visit again are thinking we should try one of these two since we rarely get up to this part of town.

I see some mixed reviews on Sassi and not much recent on Mosaic when I try the search function. Any thoughts on either of these?

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  1. Just a quick comment on Sassi...I visited there once at the end of last year and thought the whole experience was a little inconsistent - the service was sluggish at times, we waited nearly 30 minutes with a reservation even though it wasn't packed, and the food (which had it highs) never really wowed me. For the price you can pay there with wine, I expected more. I've heard good things about the Latilla Room, but probably not from enough people to really recommend it. Perhaps others can chime in on Mosaic since I've never visited. Good luck.

    1. I'm actually staying at Four Seasons later this month. Great summer deal ($199 per night for two nights with a $100 f&b credit).

      Both Mosaic and Sassi are great, although I've heard some less than stellar reviews of Sassi. Frankly, I've always had great meals and experiences at Sassi, but the reviews on here have been mixed, and even my sister who normally likes it ate there recently and said it was so-so.

      I've dined at Mosaic a few times and it was always excellent. It's more formal (if you can be formal in Scottsdale in the summer) than Sassi, and the food and service or top notch. I guess I'd recommend Mosaic if only because it's more unique.


      1. Thanks...I think we're going to go with Mosaic. The online menu looks interesting(enough so that I'm intrigued to see what will be on the menu itself this week) and we've been wanting to try it for a couple years now.

        We're taking advantage of the deal at the Four Seasons as well. Is Acacia worth a visit? I'm sure the dining credit on the package will get used but we'll make it a point to try Acacia if it's notable? We haven't decided what to do with the second night yet.

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          We have eaten at Acacia twice during previous stays at the FS. It was very good both times.

        2. Have not been to Sassi, but have had wonderful meals at Mosaic. I would go back, in a heartbeat. If we did not live so far away, and love wine, so much, with our meals, we'd be back every month. I cannot give a higher rec. for a restaurant.

          My only hope is that anyone, to whom I give that rec., has as great a time, as we have had.


          1. I haven't been to Sassi, but I have been to Mosaic and I must say it was amazing. The food, service and atmosphere were all fantastic. We went for out anniversary and had such a wonderful time. I don't think you could go wrong with Mosaic.

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              Hated Sassi haven't been to mosaic but I would rather go there