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Jun 12, 2007 09:51 AM

Pressure Cooker Rack

I just purchased an oval, digital pressure cooker. I have been having a lot of fun with it, but it did not come with a rack. Many recipies I am finding call for a rack which keeps the food elevated just above the liquid, so I am "wracking" my brain trying to find one. Any suggestions? I've already scoured the bmanufacurer's web sites, buit can't find anything suitable.

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  1. Can you custom make one from hardware cloth, turn under the "feet" so they do not scratch the bottom of the pot? Just a thought.

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        It is strong metal mesh screen type stuff. Sturdy and often used acrosss screen door to keep dogs from breaking through. Lowes, etc. should have it.

    1. Did you ever figure out a solution to this problem? I just bought an oval pressure cooker and realized that I had the same issue. I wroter the manufacturer and they suggested using a pyrex bowel or try bed, bath, and beyond.

      1. Don't know if this will help you but I found some round racks in my local hardware store with supports underneath, quite inexpensive. I don't use a pressure cooker so I can't estimate the size you need but I'd try a hardware store first. Mine weren't expensive and I bought them to use inside of pots.

        1. sorry meant to add: I bought round in order to use inside of pots but I saw that they also had oval ( said they were fish racks) as well as rectangular. I have used mine for things like roasting chickens and for steaming whole fish and haven't noticed any sagging or other problems yet.

          1. The 'rack' that came with my Presto years ago was just a metal disk, with some 1/4" holes, and a folded rim about 1/4" high.

            For my Fagor, I found several nice steamer stands at a large Asian grocery (99Ranch) - sturdy wire ones with legs about an inch high.