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Where does one find a good muddle online?

Hi all, I'm looking for a good muddle to make mojitos this summer. I have done a search on ebay and online but haven't found much. I'm looking for a good sturdy one which can reach down to a pint sized glass.
PS. If not online than a good and large one at a brick and mortar store?

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  1. Go to your local hardware store and buy a piece of 3/4 inch wooden dowel rod, cut it to the length you like and you will have a lifetime supply of muddles.

    1. If you want to be fancy, Google Mr. Mojito. My friend got me one and I've used it often since. I've seen them in bars too. $16 for a piece of wood does seem excessive, although it is aesthetically pleasing.

      1. Instawares.com has a wide selection and I have gotten a larger one from them. Their delivery times can vary and shipping might be as much as the price. If you have any Brazilian stores nearby, they usually have nice wooden ones, but generally not as long as you would find at a restaurant supply house.

        1. Buy a mortar and pestle, you'll get dual use from the pestle.

          1. Here's the one I have. I didn't get it from Amazon, but its the same. I use it for mojitos all the time.


            1. I get alot of stuff from the online commercial store bigtray.com- www.bigtray.com

              1. The Grateful Palate sells a beautiful (and expensive) muddler made from Australian hardwood. Drinkboy.com also shows an interesting variety of muddlers and lists some online sources for inexpensive ones.

                1. The ones from the Mojito Company look plenty sturdy to me.

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                    Is there any advantage to the crenelated end on the Amazon version? It almost seems counter productive, given the purpose of the muddler. Am I missing something there?

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                      I have that muddler, and I like the little "teeth" on the end of it. They really muddle well, much better, I think, than a flat surface would.