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Jun 12, 2007 09:46 AM

Canadian clotted cream?

Love clotted cream in Yorkshire. Bottled English imports taste "bottled". Does anybody know of a domestic source?

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  1. If double cream is the same as clotted, Loblaw's carries their own brand of it.

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    1. re: Olivia

      It isn't the same.
      Clotted is a much thicker consistency - you spread it.

      1. re: estufarian

        Dominion has small cans of extra thick cream at $2.50 Haven't tried one yet.But if bottled puts you off, a can from a contented Carnation Canadian cow may not be good enough.

        1. re: estufarian

          Whatever it was, it was spreadable on the scones I made last weekend. Not as tangy though.

          Found this on wikipedia:
          (clotted has 55%MF, and double only 48% MF)
          ...which in no way answers beach_cook's original question ;)

          1. re: estufarian

            That's right. Clotted cream is yellow and spreads and looks much like butter. The Devon cream you buy in the bottle is probably as close as you can get in Toronto. I certainly use that when I make a 'tea.' It's not the same but it's best you can do.

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          1. I didn't even know you could by it bottled. Try Pusiteri's, it seems like the kind of thing they might have. Failing that go for high tea to the four seasons and ask where they get their's from. Most important, don't forget to tell us when you find out!