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Jun 12, 2007 09:25 AM


Vapiano has opened near DuPont Circle (18th Street between M and L). Has anyone tried it? Any recommendations?

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  1. I went last weekend to the location in Ballston........excellent food and atmosphere......enjoy

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      What did you have to eat there? My husband and I went very soon after the Ballston one opened and we thought it had potential but I didn't think it a very comfortable place to sit in to eat (not to drink--that looked very comfortable). We shared some bruschetta and a pesto pasta dish, which I thought was a bit salty.

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        Our family had a mix of pizzas and was good for the price.......and comfortable for our style of dining......

    2. We ate the Ballston Vapiano last night. The ambiance is that of an upscale cafeteria; the salad was large but over dressed; the pizza was burned on the edge and raw in the center; the tomato sauce on the pizza was tasteless; the custard with strawberries was tasty; it was inexpensive: $25 for a glass of wine, a coke, a large salad, a pizza, and one dessert. It has speed, low price and novelty going for it. After the novelty wears off (one visit) one has to decide if the low price counters the lack of quality in the food (for many, it does--ask McDonalds).

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        Mrs D ate at the Dupont location this week and had a similar pizza experience - crispy around the edge, soggy in the middle, she was unimpressed

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          I just had Vaps for the very first time at the location near DuPont, it was PACKED for lunch but I thought it was an interesting place. I got the Pizza Toscana and I thought it was really good(and i usually go for the less gourmet type pizzas) I'd rate it a 7.8 out of 10

      2. My family checked out the new location near DuPont Circle this week.

        The food was OK. No one at our table was raving about it, but I enjoyed my dish. I ordered pizza, and it had an authentic Italian feel, not like the US chain/deli pizzas I'm used to.

        It was so uncomfortable in the restaurant. We were sat at a large counter-like table with stools. Our server had to walk around the table to talk to us and bring water.

        Like in Europe, they don't serve tap soft drinks. You got small drinks of water, and the server only came by once to ask if we needed anything (refills!). Instead they sold soft drinks in the little glass bottles. They were warm (not chilled) and I had to wander around looking for someone to help me get ice.

        The restaurant was empty, which was surprising considering it's Father's Day. The food was good, but the setup was so uncomfortable and confusing. They gave us each individual little cards to tap everywhere and keep a tab, a neat enough idea, but it was too new for us and there weren't any instructions. My overall impression was that no one who works there likes it or is interested in keeping business at this establishment. It was an OK time, but I can think of better places to spend my time and money.

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          Agree totally. Except for the opening day, the staff seems confused and disinterested. Concerning food quality - depends upon who is cooking your meal. The tendency is to forget about your boiling pasta while cooking the sauce, resulting in a gummy mess. Has happened to me twice. Did manage to get a good pizza, though, but from reading the thread that may have just been luck.

        2. I tried the one in ballston, it was alright. The pizza dough was tasteless, they didnt put the right topping on the pizza, mischarged me for my wine and the staff was overall pretty clueless about the food they were both making and serving. Typical for a newly opened restaurant, but for one that seemed to have so much management staff running around, they were off on the wrong foot.