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Jun 12, 2007 09:25 AM

Peking Duck - Phoenix

I live in the Biltmore area of Phoenix and have been trying to figure out where to get a decent peking duck. It's been a while since I've had it and just miss the wonderful combination of flavors. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. I haven't personally ordered the Peking Duck at Golden Buddha, but I do know that they have it and is apparently supposed to be very good. Doesn't look like their website is working, which is strange, but here is a link to a review with the details:

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      I tried Golden Buddha's Peking Duck last weekend. The stirfry preparation was pretty pedestrian, but the skin with the steamed rolls was very good. Very crispy skin and a thin layer of duck meat on almost all of the pieces of skin.

      We didn't have the soup preparation of it, since it was only two of us eating after my six year old son fell asleep. As an aside, the GB staff went above and beyond with customer service when my son was looking sleepy: they let him lay down on the bench seat of the table near to us, then brought pillow and matching blanket and helped tuck him in!

    2. SUPER DRAGON. i know, but seriously, the place is great. 12th and northern. GREAT food. Amazing peking.

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        I am so glad you recommend Super Dragon. It is always busy and I've been meaning to try it out.

        Has anyone heard what is going on with the Calico Cow on Central at Butler???

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          I'm not sure whats going on with Calico Cow... stopped by there to eat about a month ago and there was a sign in the window that they were closed for renovation. Called the phone number and there was a message stating that they were repairing plumbing problems and would reopen on July 11th. Was looking forward to that date; called on the 11th only to find out that the phone number had been disconnected. Very confused about the whole situation!

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            There was an article recently somewhere about the Calico Cow closing. I just can't remember where I saw it. AZCentral.com or Phoenixnewtimes.com most likely.

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              sorry, im not sure how to edit, but the date that the message stated they would reopen was June 11th.

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            We really enjoy Super Dragon. We haven't tried the Peking duck, but if it's as good as most of their other stuff is, it's worth a try. We were just there on Sunday. Even though the parking lot only had two spots when we got there, there was still plenty of room inside. It's deceptively large. I didn't realize they have a third dining room until my previous visit. We've only found two Chinese places we like here. Golden Buddha for their dim sum and SD for when we want menu items.

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              A third dining room? -- I consider myself a Super D semi-regular and I haven't made that discovery. Just like the off-menu dishes, there's apparently a lot waiting to be discovered there.

              By the way, if ever you find the parking lot full, there's always parallel parking available on 12th Place, the street immediately east of Super D.

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                Thanks Firenza & Silverbear!

                I have been wanting to try SD for a while, it's just not close. When I do, however, I'll be prepped. :)

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                  SB: There's the dining room when you come in that has the booths. There's the one on the left with the majority of tables. When I used the bathroom for the first time, I noticed there's a smaller dining room off the far end of the second room.

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                    You may want to check w/ Jade Palace in Scottsdale....they used to Run a Tuesday night Peking Duck Special....The skin was very light and crispy....and it's serve it w/ the thin pancakes!
                    Does ayone know of a place that carves the duck tableside?

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                      Super D is our choice for nice dine-in Chinese. We used to order takeout all the time when we lived down the street, but we're just a bit too far now.

                      They have nice staff too. The same guy has been bussing tables and filling those water glasses for years.

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                        The staff is really good. Our water arrives practically before we do and someone is always keeping an eye on the beverage levels. Even other waitstaff will get you refills if your wait person isn't nearby. My g/f drinks a ton of soda, and keeping up with her refills is impressive all on it's own. :)

              2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I'll have to save up my appetite for peking duck since it's usually just me and my fiance that go and well, sadly, he doesn't like duck too much, says its too fatty. :-(

                I've never been to Super Dragon, but it seems that it is quite close to where we usually go to have chinese food (Silver Dragon on 19th Ave and Dunlap). We've been to Golden Buddha for dim sum once before but didn't order anything from the menu. I've had decent dim sum in other places outside AZ and I was disappointed. I'm used to having dim sum served in true bamboo steamers instead of the metal ones. Maybe it's in my head, but I feel like dim sum served in metal steamers has a metal taste to it? I'll have to keep looking for better dim sum.

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                  My mom enjoys Silver Dragon as well.

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                    Here in California, in the "old days" bamboo steamers were used, however nowadays I only see metal steamers. I think it has to do with bamboo being a somewhat porous material which the Board of Health does not allow.

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                      I've never seen bamboo steamers at C-Fu Gourmet, China King, or Great Wall.

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                        I have been to super dragon about 1 year ago and didn't seem to think it was so great. Any recs on what to order? I am a golden buddah fan and recently had dim sum at c-fu. So I want to go and try the peking duck on sun at super dragon but wha do u ea there?