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Jun 12, 2007 09:10 AM

Best Ethnic in the city...Greek, Thai, Indian???

Looking for good places to eat in Midtown, particularly for lunch???

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  1. Go to Uncle Nick's on 9th Avenue & 51st Street. You must order the hot and cold antipasto platter. You can't really go wrong with any dish. Fish is very fresh.

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      Uncle Nick's a bit bland, even for Greek. Maybe it's my burnt out taste buddys (scorched on Indian and Thai) but it seems 'ole Nick just grills and swabs with so-so olive oil, not much in the way of Greek herbs (certainly not fresh ones like in Astoria).

    2. Better yet, go to and find out for yourself!

      1. If you want to stay in Mid-town for real ethnic food then your question is mute. NYC is a city of neighborhoods and if you want experience real ethnic cusine then you might have to go a little farther to venture into real neighborhoods and especially in the Boroughs.

        For Greek you might want to give Astoria a try. Demitris is my neighborhood joint but I am sure there are other great suggestions from other Chowhounders.

        For Thai, hands down to Sriprhaphai in Woodside. Voted many times as the best Thai in the city. Highly recommended.

        As for Indian, I am not sure.

        As for Korean, try some of the 24hr joints in Korea Town and in Flushing.

        Here's my $0.02

        1. Thanks for all of your suggestions!

          1. For Lunch go to Angelo's Pizza on West 57th Street. They are related to Nick's Pizza on Ascan Avenue in Forest Hills which is just great. Siciliana salad is fab as well as their thin-crusted pizza. Also China Grill in the CBS bldg. The salads and appetizers are enough to share and the cuisine is always delicious.

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              for greek food, i enjoy 'snack' in soho. their avgolemono soup is fabulous, as is their greek salad.