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Jun 12, 2007 09:07 AM

Breakfast/Lunch in Sedona

I've been doing a little research on places to eat in Sedona. We are going up to purchase apple pie's from Stout's Cider Mill that will be there on Saturday the 23rd of June. I think we will do either breakfast or lunch or maybe both. We will have a 12 year old with us, so kid friendly is always helpful. No spicy food please. I love a good sandwich as well.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

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  1. Delfini's New York Italian deli has yummy, gigantic sandwiches. It's not really an "eat in" kind of place--best to take your sandwiches to go and have a picnic outdoors. They're very near the location Stout's will be selling at: Delfini's 1650 W Hwy 89A

    1. REDS at Sedona Rouge has really nice breakfast service. For lunch, I would just pick up bread and cheese and go on the river bank down at L'Auberge.

      1. I dig Kaiser's West (on 89A in West Sedona) for breakfast. Super casual, old place. Decent bloody marys, but also very family-friendly. The food is pretty basic, but well-made and attractively priced.

        Sedona Memories (on Jordan Road, Uptown) has excellent sandwiches, but I'm not entirely sure that they are open on the weekends.

        I was not crazy about the sandwiches at Delfini's, but they aren't bad. The sandwiches at the Euro Deli (on the Western edge of town) are also rather good, and they have some more picnicky sides as well.

        1. The Coffee Pot is a kid - friendly, inexpensive, and very good breakfast place. We've eaten there several times and found it reliable and though usually kind of crowded. Hope that is helpful...

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            I agree with the Coffee Pot. 102 omlettes, and the pancakes are YUMMY!
            There is ALWAYS a line to get in............

            1. re: tattud_gurl

              The coffee pot has gotten only ok reviews. How about the Hitching post? Good for breakfast or lunch. I think we are leaning more towards lunch now.

              1. re: Kari

                Never been to the Hitching Post. Red Planet has some awesome burgers and shakes.

                Turns out we are heading up there this weekend too, to visit family and friends. But we just started Weight Watchers, so probably won't be dining out much. :c ( However I DID save up all my Flex points for a few pints at the Brewery.

            2. re: rbloom

              If you go to Coffee Pot, go EARLY (earlier than 8)! Or expect an hour+ wait on the weekends.