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Jun 12, 2007 09:03 AM

Town Lunch & Dinner - Kaimuki

I have been to Town restaurant in Kaimuki on several occasions for lunch. Great salads, sandwhiches, soup. Last night I went for dinner for the first time. I was not aware that the dinner menu is completely different from lunch - and every bit as good. Went with a friend and we split an order of gnocci appetizer. which was great. Each of us had fish as an entree, I had Ono, he had Monchong - both excellent preparations. We finished off with the notorious bread pudding. We each also had a glass of wine. All this for about $50 each.

If you have only been for lunch, try dinner. If you have only been for dinner, try lunch. If you haven't been at all, you should try either one.

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  1. Agree, Agree! You can even take your dog there and sit outside. They have clips for the
    leashes attached to the wall. Don't forget, they also serve breakfast. I love the Ginger and
    MaryAnne cocktail and the Lemon Drop, love that herbal float. The mussels are amazing,
    the broth alone is great. Try Downtown too if you get a chance although that's probably easier if you are already in town and have parking. The duck sandwich and lamb lasagna are fabulous.

    1. THE BEST restaurant I've found in Hawaii. Granted I've only lived here 5 years and I'm not exactly Kama'aina, but I've really looked! It's fantastic.

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        Was back again a couple of weeks ago and had the roast pork sandwich - I was a bit disappointed with it. Lots of good flavor, but the meat was so fatty I had to pull my sandwhich apart and remove about 1/3 of the "filling". I am hoping that was an anommoly.

        1. re: KaimukiMan

          We had the 'best chicken in the world' and were somewhat under-whelmed. I thought the restaurant in general good, but not worth the build-up. Prefer 3660 on the Rise any day.