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Jun 12, 2007 08:59 AM

Sunday brunch in New Haven

Hey there,

I'm getting married on Saturday evening, August 18th and am wracking my brain trying to think of a quiet or not quiet brunch place for a newly married (slightly hungover) couple the following Sunday morning. Any thoughts?

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  1. First off congratulations!
    Bella Rosa Cafe on Whalley for Brie stuffed French toast with sautéed apples and candied pecans in a rum maple sauce. The coconut shrimp with scrambled eggs over potatoes with a sesame ginger sauce is also very good. For something sure to soak up any alcohol left on your stomach, try one of their breakfast sandwiches with the mexican sausage. The place is not fancy, but is very good and may be a perfect place for you and your new spouse to chat about the previous night's party.

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      I agree Bela Rosa (now just Bela's) has a great breakfast, never had a bad meal there,However it is mobbed on weekends, so be prepared to wait. The same is true for The Pantry on Mechanic ST off State. For a buffet you might consider 500 Blake St or Sage which is in West Haven with water views. If "hair of the dog" is needed. Bela's is BYOB, both Blake St and Sage have full bars

      1. re: mmalmad

        500 Blake Street closed last year. Mickey's in Hamden (diagonally across from the Town Hall at Dixwell & Whitney) serves Sunday Brunch and should be very good.

    2. Stillwaters across the bridge has a great brunch. It's small, light-filled, a bit elegant and the owner is very attentive. You can go on the deck and dine over the water. Check their website.

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