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Jun 12, 2007 08:56 AM

Brunch In Norfolk, Va

So...I finally have a sunday brunch that I don't have to work and I don't know where else to go for brunch other than the place that I work. Anybody have any recs for me? I know No Frill has a good brunch, or so I've heard, but where else???? Please help.

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  1. I've been meaning to try the brunch at Omar's Carriage House (Freemason area). I hear it's very good.

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      Hands Down - Omar & his crew @ The Carriage House have the best Norfolk brunch menu. I highly recommend The Seafood Benedict - it's a brunch winner! The French Toast is good too.

    2. AW Shucks on 22nd. Not fancy but good food and great bloody marys.

      1. I love brunch with a passion. It may be my favorite meal. But, we haven't been to brunch here yet. Overall, I've been underwhelmed with most places around here. And since I travel all week and eat out, I generally just make it at home. However, I will agree that AW Shucks does have great food. The fish and chips are tasty and all of the different fish specials that I've had have been too. God, I wish that empire or crackers were open for brunch. I know that Sterling's steakhouse on Granby, next door to Empire has a brunch, too.

        I've seen the signs for the places on Colley that have brunch, i.e., Red Dog, Sam's, Green Onion, but I've not been impressed with them for dinner.

        PLEASE! Let us know what you decide!

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          Well, in typical restaurant fashion i wound up getting called in last minute to work so I'm sorry no report for the brunch misssion. One day I will get a chance to go to brunch again. Thanks for all the help guys.

        2. Try taking the ferry to Portsmouth and having brunch at Brutti's, 467 Court Street, near the corner of High and Court (walk up High St. to Court and turn right). Very good.

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            Thanks, I'll add it to my list of places to go if I ever get another Sunday off.

          2. I was blessed with a sunday off again, this time it was to go to my friends wedding, but anyway...I went to 219 for brunch and had a really nice time. Our server was new and couldn't help with the menu or drinks but who needs it. A bloody mary is a bloody mary but their's had a lot of horseradish which I really liked and the food was really good. My date ordered way to much, Summer's Slam, tons of food and I got the Hot Brown. The hot brown had a cheddar sauce on it which was a nice touch and the applewood bacon was a fun slice of heaven on the plate. For those of you who can get a chance to go please do.