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Jun 12, 2007 08:52 AM

Brunch in Del Mar?

I am new to San Diego and will be going with my girlfriend and her aunt to brunch in Del Mar on Saturday. I was wondering what some good recommendations might be. Scenic would be great.

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  1. Pacifica Breeze Cafe is a casual, outdoor-only seating breakfast/lunch place in the Del Mar Plaza. You can see the ocean over the tops of the buildings below. Nice place to eat when there's no June gloom.

    Americana is kitty corner to Pacifica Breeze and has good brunch. Indoor and outdoor seating, although they leave the windows open so sitting inside is like sitting outside.

    if you "must" have scene, Poisideon's has oceanfront view. However, my sense from the board and others is that the food is average at best and they get away with mediocre food b/c of the view.

    1. The problem is Sat. Jakes del mar sounds like it would fit the bill, but it is not open on Sat for brunch. They are open for lunch. Pacific Breeze does probably have the best food but it gets kinda cold there if it is not a nice morning. Posideon is ok for brunch, not great not horrible. I think the Beach House up in Cardiff has a nice view and they are open on Sat., but their food is not any better if not worse than the Posideon. Beach Grass up in Solana Beach is fine, but a lousy view of 101.

      1. Pacific Breeze is a great place for brunch or lunch. It's a great location and the food is very good. I think they have the best oatmeal anywhere. I've been to the Americana which is ok, but nothing special. Pacific Breeze is special.