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Jun 12, 2007 08:35 AM

vegan;,live food,raw food restaurants??? any recs.?

There is a new trend n veggie cuisine called live food, not just salads or pates but burgers, pizza, quiche, cookies, pies and candies, made from combinations of seeds nuts and veggies, processed and sometimes dehydrated, sounds weird but the total effect is awesome if done right , the presentation taste and the great feeling after a meal. When in Montreal i enjoy the smoked meat, poutine, ribs and steaks, but sometimes want some roughage, to balance it all and cut ome of the cholestorol.
Are there any Live Food restaurants or veggie shops that have these items as takeout? Thank you!!!!!!

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  1. There is a place called "Cru" on Mont-Royal near Saint-Denis, I've never been myself, but it's been reccomended to me many times.

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        ...As did Aqua Terra owned by the same group. Is that Trattoria place next door still open?

    1. There's one on Laurier (west I think) that just opened up a couple of months ago... Sorry can't remember the name of it ~ it was reviewed in the wkend Gazette. I may have saved the article for my sister who's a vegetarian. I don't know if she's open to having "cold uncooked food" but sounds like something I'd like to try on a hot summery day!
      Perhaps someone else read that same review and could give u more info.

      1. Unfortunately I got very ill after eating one of those preparations at a vegetarian café - it is not at any restaurant reviewed here and I think board etiquette requires me not to mention the name unless I have concrete legal proof of my claim.

        I guess staff personal hygiene (hand-washing...) and food prep safety are especially important if everything is raw and sort of fermented.