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Jun 12, 2007 08:23 AM

Rehearsal Dinner for 20 in Indianapolis

My son is getting married in Greenwood and we need a great place to have a rehearsal dinner on August 17th. We need it to be with in 20 minutes or so of Greenwood.

We are open to the venue....BBQ, cafe, whatever, as long as it is really good. I am a huge food person and if I didn't live 12 hours away I would do the food myself.

I am also looking for suggestions on a caterer for the wedding, August 18th. There will 45-50 guests and the wedding will be at his father's home. I had hoped to do the food for the reception (Would be delicious,beautiful and inexpensive) but son's father's wife says no.
She says she knows of a couple of possibilities for caterers that are reasonable ($10.-$15. a head...I'm seeing cold cuts !! LOL!!) Oh's her home!!

Even a nice hall with kitchen facilities might be an idea......Anyway, I am throwing this post out in great hope !!

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  1. I not too familiar with Greenwood but the southside of Indianapolis would be within 20 minutes and if you take the interstate downtown is within 20 minutes. That opens you up to many, many resturants. What are you looking for? Fine dining, casual, steak, seafood, itailan, mexican, german, greek, etc.? The Oceanaire is a great seafood resturant, Greek Islands is good and on the south edge of the downtown area. Rathskeller is great and I think has banquet rooms. Many choices but I'm not sure what is right for you.

    I can't help at all with caterers.

    1. For the rehearsal dinner, check into Stone Creek. It is one of a locally owned group of restaurants. We organized a college reunion there last year for about 20. Everyone enjoyed the food and the staff could not have been nicer. http://www.cunninghamrestaurantgroup....

      1. Check out the Columns in Greenwood - it actually the second floor of old building in Old Towne Greenwood - it's a beautiful place inside - a lovely ballroom- but don't let the outside fool you. They do catering and if Jeff Bricker is still the chef - it will be excellent - he also teaches cooking at Ivy Tech.
        Piper's (southside - but not too far from Greenwood) has excellent food and they cater and they just moved into a new facility that can accommodate large parties.
        Vito Provolone's on the southside - not too far from Greenwood is overlooked but excellent Italian food.
        Stone Creek is good and I would also suggest Bonefish - right next door.

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          Wow! Replies! I wasn't sure I would get any. Thank you !
          In response....This dinner will be quite casual at the request of the bride and groom.(And I am grateful!) The Columns we are familiar with...not quite right. I am pretty sure on a visit there we once ate at Greek Islands. Good but still not right. We really try to avoid chains as well.
          We are looking for BBQ at this point. (I think!?) Of course we are now 25 ppl.! I am a true Chowhound and have passed that on to my son. On visits to the area I have found it to be pretty generic.
          In regard to caterers, I believe we may have found a fabulous one....Just' Cause. I

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            Well, in my opinion, most of the best BBQ in this city comes from take-out joints. But if I had to make a sit-down recommendation it would be the Distillery (I think the actual name is the Bourbon Street Distillery). It is casual; it is right downtown on the westside near the canal. The atmostphere is good and so is the food.

            I wish I knew Greenwood better so I could be more helpful.

        2. Just as others have posted, downtown Indy to Greenwood is not a bad drive and easily under 20 mintues. In fact, I was married Indy and had the reception in Greenwood (unnamed location not worth mentioning) and it logistically worked out well.

          The Rathskeller would be a great informal location for a rehersal dinner. Excellent food and spectacular beer. They do have banquet rooms, but also a biergarten which would be lots of fun.

          For BBQ, I'd consider take-out, as none of the local places would be appropriate for a rehearsal dinner, even an informal one. My vote for the best BBQ is GT south's ( - they have a southside location.

          You might also check and see if Bugg's Temple is open yet. It is an anticipated casual restaurant and pub set to open on the White River Canal. The setting would be great and still witin 20 minutes of Gwood.