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Jun 12, 2007 08:21 AM

Are there any Bukharian restaurants in Brooklyn?

A friend, who is a Central Asian art scholar, is visiting from Europe and wishes to visit a Bukharian (Jewish community in Uzbekistan) restaurant in Brooklyn. We know about the Bukharian restaurants (and other Central Asian restaurants) in Rego Park, Queens, but we'll be in Brighton Beach/Coney Island taking in other sights, so wonder if there's a comparable place there.

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  1. Yes, there are...there are two toward the top of 13th Avenue across the street from eachother, and I think I saw one on Coney Island Avenue somewhere on my way to Guggoullou (sp). The one that I ate at was on the west side of 13th, somewhere between 39th and, oh, 45th, and it was great but it took a very long time to get my kabobs. The soup wasn't anything special, but the bread (though not fresh-baked) and the meat was great.

    1. Vostok is excellent. Do a search on this board.

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        Anyone know if either of those places is kosher?

        1. re: bennyt

          The 13th Avenue places are very kosher.

          Oh, and I just noticed the OP asked to be close to Brighton Beach...Borough Park isn't all that close to there. Not too bad if you have a car, though, or if you end up in Coney Island you can just take the D train to Fort Hamilton Parkway.

          1. re: PAL

            Vostok is steps away from the 55th St. D train station.

      2. Armenia on Sheepshead Bay road. There is also Baku Palace a block away, it's more expensive and more formal. BTW, Bukharians are not limited to Uzbekistan :-)