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Jun 12, 2007 07:44 AM

I Need a Hotel and BBQ in Houston!

My fiance and I are heading to Houston in September for our friend's wedding. The wedding will be at Ashton Gardens. We need a hotel that is not terribly far from Ashton Gardens, but in a lively, fun part of Houston that is worth exploring. We'd love recommendations, particularly for a nicer hotel, as we want this trip to be a mini-vacation.

I'm also a BBQ-lover and would love any recommendations for fantastic beef BBQ in the area. Does Houston have any beef bbq or is it mostly pork (because I'm not a pork-eater)?

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  1. Hmmm... if "not terribly far" = "less than 25 miles", then I would pick one of the new places downtown. In fact, if you want to try the just-renovated ZaZa hotel ( and tell me how you like it, I'll invite you to my wedding.
    Aside from ZaZa, there are also the Hotel ICON, and Hotel Derek, for boutique-y places. ZaZa is in the best location (Museum District), though all of these would be 150+ per night.
    Texas BBQ is mostly beef. As I greatly prefer pork, I'll leave it to others to offer more expert suggestions. I like Goode Co. on Kirby Drive and would describe them as good, though not "fantastic". My fiance prefers Hickory Hollow on Heights Blvd, but they don't have a giant Armadillo next door.
    Bear in mind that Houston in September will be uber-hot and sticky, so don't forget your swimsuit and spend a day at the Schlitterbahn (Q.E.) for fun...

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        Pappas BBQ on 59 at Bellaire is really good and I second Goode Co. because you can go into the Armadillo next door for some music.

      2. Thelma's BBQ close to downtown is the best bbq in Houston hands down.