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Jun 12, 2007 07:44 AM

I Need a Hotel and BBQ in Houston!

My fiance and I are heading to Houston in September for our friend's wedding. The wedding will be at Ashton Gardens. We need a hotel that is not terribly far from Ashton Gardens, but in a lively, fun part of Houston that is worth exploring. We'd love recommendations, particularly for a nicer hotel, as we want this trip to be a mini-vacation.

I'm also a BBQ-lover and would love any recommendations for fantastic beef BBQ in the area. Does Houston have any beef bbq or is it mostly pork (because I'm not a pork-eater)?

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  1. Hmmm... if "not terribly far" = "less than 25 miles", then I would pick one of the new places downtown. In fact, if you want to try the just-renovated ZaZa hotel (www.hotelzazahouston.com) and tell me how you like it, I'll invite you to my wedding.
    Aside from ZaZa, there are also the Hotel ICON, and Hotel Derek, for boutique-y places. ZaZa is in the best location (Museum District), though all of these would be 150+ per night.
    Texas BBQ is mostly beef. As I greatly prefer pork, I'll leave it to others to offer more expert suggestions. I like Goode Co. on Kirby Drive and would describe them as good, though not "fantastic". My fiance prefers Hickory Hollow on Heights Blvd, but they don't have a giant Armadillo next door.
    Bear in mind that Houston in September will be uber-hot and sticky, so don't forget your swimsuit and spend a day at the Schlitterbahn (Q.E.) for fun...

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        Pappas BBQ on 59 at Bellaire is really good and I second Goode Co. because you can go into the Armadillo next door for some music.

      2. Thelma's BBQ close to downtown is the best bbq in Houston hands down.