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Jun 12, 2007 07:37 AM

Lexington, KY-anniversary dinner

Hello fellow Lexington foodies....I need your help! My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary next week, and we want to try a NEW place. These are some of the places I am considering...give me your thoughts:

Grotto (can't find a menu for this, so if anyone has eaten there, let me know what they have that is good)

I know there are probably better places out there, but we've been to all of them a million times! We really want to go somewhere new and somewhere not too stuffy.

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  1. I've pretty good things about Metropol - they use lots of local products and their bourbon list is insane, if you're into that sort of thing.
    Or maybe Woodland Grill?

    1. I LOVE Metropol. They really did a good job with the design of the place. And, while I've only been there for lunch, I've never had anything but really good food. I also want the place to do well since there's no other place in Lex like it. I appreciate their daring.
      Please go to Metropol. And, congratulations.

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      1. re: bluesontap

        I haven't been to any of those, adhow. I must be asleep at the wheel. Where exactly is Metropol located?

        (Woodland Grill is too casual for an anniversary celebration, if you ask me.)

        1. re: HickTownBarnaby

          Metropol is downtown (I think it is on Short St.). It is close to Cheapside in a very plain looking white building. Doesn't look like much, but is supposed to be great. I had similar thoughts on Woodland Grill. I haven't tried it yet, but will probably do so on a regular weeknight, not a special occasion. If it is anywhere near the quality of Jonathan's, I am sure we'll love it. Thanks for your suggestions!

          1. re: HickTownBarnaby

            Metropol is in an old Federal building (2 stories) that used to be a post office. If you're standing in front of Cheapside on Short Street, look west (left).

            1. re: bluesontap

              if it were my special day I would like Jonathan's and a room upstairs afterward...oh wait that was mine last year!