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Jun 12, 2007 07:35 AM

Full Service Off Premise Caterer?

Any recommendations for a full service off premise caterer in the Somerset County area? My folks are planning on throwing a party at their home in early September. This is very rough right now, but I'm thinking 100-150. Probably nothing too exotic. If there's anymore information that I could provide that would make this easier, please let me know.

Thanks! I appreciate any help my fellow CHers can provide.

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  1. I used Sorianos last September for a 50th wedding aniversary for my parents at my home in Green Brook. I was very pleased with the food and the service. They were great to work with before and during the party and they also were very neat and inconspicuous. I found them through recommendations on a message forum so I am "paying it forward". They have an informative website at I worked with Steve and he was very helpful.

    1. What kind of food are you looking for. Sometimes if have specific food ideas, you can have a restaurant cater it. We did it this weekend and it worked fine. They would have supplied everything from servers to bartenders to people to clean up afterwards. Good luck with the party. By the way, we catered for 135 people.