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"Taste of" events

I'm researching local "Taste of" events - so far I've found Taste of:

Boston (can't find any info past 2005)
Back Bay
Beacon Hill
Somerville (can't find any info past 2002)

Are there some I'm missing? I know there are tasting events that range from small to large throughout the city (I imagine I'll see some of you at the Phantom Gourmet BBQ thinger next weekend?), but I'm looking specifically for "Taste of" events.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I believe there's also a Taste of the North End, but I haven't been.

    I've only been to the Cambridge one (probably in 2005) and I really enjoyed it.

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      I think that's the one I went to -- the sprinklers suddenly went on all over the lawn at one point which was hilarious (to me anyway...). food was fun -- insanely long lines at certain tables though, and it was hard to say if it was flocking mentality or the best stuff.

    2. Taste of Jamaica Plain

      1. Cambridge has had the taste of Central Square (around this time of year) and Harvard Square a few times, but I haven't heard of either occuring this year. Taste of Cambridge is in the early fall and can be a bit of a zoo. I also have attended a taste of Chelsea, but don't believe its done any more. Not certain it was done under the same name, but there has been a Roxbury event in the past too, I wouldn't rush to any of them, would much prefer the various ethnic festivals that we have.

        There also is the local chapter of Taste of the Nation:

        I have seen signs for a Taste of Somerville since 2002, but not been. Searching on the site did confirm it in 2005, but no reports.


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          Courtesy of a Zipcar announcement, I have learned today that Taste of Cambridge will be on Thursday 7/19. Details at http://www.tasteofcambridge.com/

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            The taste of Eastie is in November and here is a link with info....


          2. Its outside of the city, but in the past there have been Taste of Quincy and Taste of the South Shore events.

            1. The Taste of the North End just recently happened over the last month. The Taste of Boston is now defunct. It used to be put on by a group of radio stations (Entercom) and I think they have decided to sideline it indefinitely.

              1. There'a a Taste of Arlington, sometime in the fall. And there was a Taste of Watertown/Belmont sometime in April that is a yearly event. I think both are Chamber of Commerce events.

                1. There is a Taste of the Fort Point Channel today 6/14 on the Harborwalk by the courthouse at the end of the Northern Ave bridge. And it is free.

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                    On September 28th, 2007 there will be a Taste of Roslindale. I am on the committee :)

                  2. Yes, there is one in either July or August in Peabody Square called the International Fest. Contact their Chamber of Commerce for the date. They have had it for years on a Sunday.