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Jun 12, 2007 07:28 AM


I have surfeit of lavender my garden. How should I eat the extra?

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  1. We love it with rosemary, sea salt, and pepper on lamb.

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      A little lavender goes a long way. Drying summer lavender for the rest of the year is what I do. Wash a handful of sprigs, pat dry with paper towls and leave out a few hours on a pan to thouroughly air dry. Then tie together in small bunches and hang somewhere. It is decorative and useful.

      Some past ideas.

      Some ideas from Chow

      Hey ... this looks new ... if you look to the right of that lavender page they have links to related recipes ... that's a really cool feature. I always found that ingrediant part of Chow one of the most useful things about the site. Having easy access to recipes using the ingrediant makes it even better. Here's the recipe links you should see ...

      Double Lavender Honey Ice Cream
      Herbes de Provence
      Lavender and Wildflower Honey Crème Brûleé
      Lavender-Thyme Syrup
      Lavender-Scented Fruit Parfait

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        lavender tea or iced tea is also very good.

      2. Make a simple sugar syrup and infuse it with lavender. Strain it and use it to flavor champagne cocktails, teas, sorbets, etc. A little lemon zest is a nice addition as well.

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          Nice! especially the champagne cocktail.

        2. Try making some lavender lemonade, it's wonderful. They serve it at my farmer's market, and I can never resist.

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            do you muddle it? mince it? or just float it in the glass?

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              I have had lavender margaritas at my neighbors, I was picking lavender out of my teeth for a few hours. Not a big deal but straining it is good idea....Oh and they were excellent also!

          2. Two favorites:

            I made *blueberry lavender* ice cream and I believe it's the best ice cream I've ever had. EVER. It's also one of the most delicious desserts I've ever prepared. I so adore that light pale lavender flavor. Check out how pretty it is! Ethereal, delicate flavor. I used Nigella's ice cream custard base and added the blueberries and dried lavender (adding the lavender while the milk heats initially). Or, you can use this as a guide:


            I also make lavender shortbread for a chilly afternoon or a tea party. Mmmm.

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              Mmmm ... that blueberry / lavender combo sounds outstanding. Blueberries have a mild lavender-like note to them.

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                I was in Las Vegas and had a lavender mojito. Delicious!! I had to come home and attempt to make it on my own. I made it just the way a normal mojito would be (mint, quartered limes, sugar, rum, and soda water) but then muddled a small amount of lavender with the mint and floated lavender on top of the drink to give it a beautiful layered look since the limes and mint fall to the bottom if the drink. Gave it a extra dimension and aroma.

                My friend also made an amazing lavender panna cotta. I'll see if I can get the recipe from her. When you first took a bite you got all that creamy richness then a moment later the lavender was subtley tasted-yummm!!

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                  I absolutely love lavender panna cotta! Similarly, lavender creme brulee is also great.

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                    Oooohhh...lavender creme brulee!! That sounds fantastic!!

            2. A friend made me some lavender honey gelato that is still one of my favorite all time food memories.

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                I agree lavender honey is wonderful, especially in tea.