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Jun 12, 2007 07:24 AM

ME, NH and MA recs

We are traveling to the Lakes Region in NH, Westfield, MA and Wells Beach, ME to see family in July. I definitely want to get lobster rolls, fried seafood and some Italian food (all stuff that is hard to find in Central TX). Any recs on where we might sample the best of these three things during our trip?

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  1. I know the Lakes Region pretty well (been going there since 1969). Awesome little Italian place in Merideth called Abondante (right in town). The best fried clams in a little place in Moultonboro called The Village Kitchen (on Rt. 25). Excellent prices, family place, awesome homemade food, great seafood, unexpected wholesome great food and prices (nothin fancy or gourmet). Haven't tried their lobster roll.

    Where are you staying in the Lakes Region - I know more about the Ctr. Harbor, Merideth, Weirs area. Canoe is getting awesome reviews. It's in Ctr. Harbor, I'm sure they have a great lobster roll, I keep hearing about their mac and cheese and lobster dish.

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      My parents live in Center Harbor, so we will be staying there. This is the first trip to Maine and NH for my boyfriend (he is a Texas guy) and I haven't lived in New England for 10 years, so I really want to make it special.

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        You'll have a blast, Red Hill Dairy is great too (right there in Ctr. Harbor) - eat at outside picnic tables across from lake - great seafood and lobster rolls. Make sure you rent jet skis, take him on the Mount to see the Lake. Have a great time. Corner House Inn in Ctr. Sandwich is great too - just a nice menu, mix of everything, fun pub upstairs if you want casual. Great steaks at the Woodshed (but your Texas man knows great steaks). :-) Awesome bbq at Yankee Smokehouse (but again, your texan knows awesome bbq).

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          Thanks for the recs. I love the Corner House, have been eating there since I was 5, glad to hear it is still good! Do you know where we can rent jet skis?

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            Easily find out the best place, my two sisters live in Ctr. Harbor (or technically Mountonboro maybe). Get back to ya. I'm up there almost every weekend - have a place on Little Bear Island.

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              Little Man Jet -ski deliver anywhere you are -nice! And Y-Landing is where they have rented and its good but you have to go there - I think! They are awesome - I got married on the Mt. Washington boat and they met me at the Weirs with a jet ski and we took off in tux and gown on jet ski waving at our guests. Y landing's in Merideth & Lil Man is in Moultonboro. Fireworks in Ctr Harbor on 4th are great if you are there then.

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            I agree with Red Hill Dairy for lobster roll and onion rings. The roll comes with french fries so don't order the large onion rings. We've been going there since the Tamarack changed and didn't seem so good (plus it's on a noisy corner). Heard the Tamarack has new owners. Don't know if they still put a sign about the size of their clams in the window. My sister is one who hates big clams while I love any size.

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              Mmm! I love cornerhouse. My bf lives is from north sandwich, so i've been there a few times. There's this great hidden place ice creamery called sandwich creamery - have you been?! I would have NO IDEA on how to get there if I weren't with people from there. But they have really yummy ice cream, cheese, etc. And it's self serve - on the honour system and open 24 hours a day...

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                I have had their ice cream when they had a place in Ctr Harbor, but never been to their creamery. That's very kewl about the self serve.

        2. As for Wells do check out the lobster claw threads......lots to pick from!!!!

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            It's a great area too, here's a great recent thread with many good opinions:


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              All great stuff, thanks! I think I got NH and ME covered anyone with Western Mass recs?

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                Thanks for all the recs. We ended up having great meals at the Corner House and The Common Man. And great scallops but only fair lobster rolls at Jake's Seafood.

          2. Not much to find in Westfield, however Northampton is about 1/2 an hour away and there a lot of really good restaurants there within all price ranges.If you want a great burger try The White Hut in West Springfield. I would imagine there are posts on this site re: this place. In Lakes Region, Canoe in Ctr. Harbor. Same chef who owns/operates Canoe opened O in laconia, also the Italian Market in Moultonborough., Mise en Place in Wolfeboro. For a wonderful lobster roll (seriously) try Skelly's Market also Moultonborough. Proprietor used to own Bailey's in Wolfeboro for many years--don't be disappointed by walking through convenience store to food counter in the back. Also, East of Suez on Rte 28 heading into Wolfeboro from the south for Pan-Asian (byob).

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              My dd went to college at UMASS Amherst so the pioneer valley is familular to me. Do not miss Barts Icecream. Its the best. I love therir pumpkin icecream,but had it in the fall so it may not be available in summer. The area is a pizza heaven. Ask a local where to eat pizza and they will have a lot of opinions. enjoy

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                Wait, where the heck is Skelly's - I know this area like the back of my hand. Fantastic lobster roll right in Ctr. Harbor at Sam & Rosies (although I also love the Dipsee Doodle in Northfield (off exit 19 on Rt. 93n). I hate the service at the Canoe but love their new place in Laconia, O. I'm hearing good things from family about their Italian place. I love the Corner House Inn in Sandwich and great steaks at the Woodshed in Tuftonboro. I haven't been to East of Suez in years but always loved it. Lemon Grass is excellent in Ct. Harbor if you love asian inspired.