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Jun 12, 2007 07:23 AM

Vacationing in North Myrtle Beach

My husband, 3-year-old daughter, and I are going to be in North Myrtle Beach June 17-20. We're looking for some good food, reasonable prices, and kid-friendly places. I would like to drive up to Callabash one night for some good Callabash seafood. I don't want to go to any "Callabash" buffets. We've made that mistake before. Any ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Also, does anyone know if the make-your-own sundae place in Windy Hill is still open? We used to go when I was a kid and I'd love to take my daughter there. Thanks!

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  1. hmmm.... no buffet in myrtle beach? tough call!

    every time we've been we take the drive down to murrell's inlet. there's some great places down there, Lee's, Oliver's Lodge, etc. For lunch try the burger place... River City Cafe. great burger menu lot's of options. i don't recall the make your own sunday place, but if there's a gimmick, it will be found in myrtle beach!

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      Calabas Seafoood Hut is great in Calabash. Nice Italian at Benny Rappa's. Great grilled seafood at Flamingo.

      1. Dino's Pancake House for breakfast--absolutely the best, fastest service we've ever received in years (and that was on Mothers Day, no less -posted some comments from Ohio on a web site)
        had a good dinner at Umberto's (Italian)--noisy, but a few kids there with families--that was on Sat nite.
        That's the only 2 places I specifically remember in NMB--rest were in MB

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          Myrtle Beach recommendations are okay too. We're staying in the southern part of NMB. We probably don't want to go too far except for the one night I'd like to go up to Callabash.

        2. I agree with steveindurham - Seafood Hut. Go for lunch. Go early. I like the oyster po boy sandwich.