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Jun 12, 2007 07:07 AM

Chef's Table/Wine Cellar

We are celebrating a family member's 65th birthday. He loves great food and delicious wine. We were hoping to do something special at an upscale restaurant with a chef's table or something similar. Would love any suggestions.

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  1. Compass (W.70th) has a chef's table, and Philip Marie (Hudson St.) has a private table in the cellar...they'll do wine pairings as well...

    1. We've always enjoyed going to Compass, and I think Chef John Fraser's New American cuisine is excellent. The have several private dining spaces, one of which is a Wine Room. A chef's table usually involves being in or very near the kitchen and having the chef cook especially for you. I don't think Compass offers that.


      We had one meal at Philip Marie many years ago (not in the private space), and I thought the food was decidely ordinary.

      Since you don't indicate any budgetary restrictions, you might want to investigate Daniel. I think they may offer a Chef's Table.


      Country, in the Carlton Hotel, may also have a Chef's Table.


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        Thank you for your great suggestions. We decided to go a different route and booked the private room at the James Beard Foundation. They are having a Washington Wine Lovers event which sounds great.

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          Glad you were able to find something that suits your needs.

          Enjoy and best wishes to the birthday celebrant!