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Jun 12, 2007 07:01 AM

Denver - Ocean Restaurant (Cherry Creek)

Any opinions on this place? Eight of us are in town for a meeting and looking for a nice, reasonably quiet place for dinner next Friday night. We were going to go to Vesta's, but when our numbers increased from 6 to 8 we had to move the reservation to 6 pm, which is just too early. It is hard to have quite this big of group, but it is what we have! How is the food here? Noise level? Other suggestions (we are getting short on time now, of course too).

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  1. Food is good. Presentation is lovely. Terrific large booths near front of restaurant are suitable for eight (five or six on the banquette, two or three on chairs), I think there are twi ir three; request one when you makde your reservation.

    1. The food is really good but the noise level can be really high if you're sitting near the bar. IMO it is a little overpriced, while the food is good it isn't THAT good or special. PRIMA might be a good place to try, or Luca d'Italia or Mizuna... they all have great food and are quieter.
      have fun :)