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Melting Pot's Curry Sauce

I could eat this stuff on anything: steak, chicken, apple pie.

It's a yogurt-based yellow curry sauce, but why does it taste to good? Does anyone have any ideas about how to replicate it at home? If so, please let me know, 'cause I need to mix me up a viat of that.

Thanks in advance. :o)

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  1. I don't know, but I loved it too.

    1. Hmm, been a long time since I went to MP and didn't notice that sauce, but I also didn't eat curry then. :-P
      I imagine anything's better with yellow curry powder in it. . .try mixing it with some plain yogurt first, then add whatever flavors you think are missing? Was it thick and viscous, or do you think it could have been some type of heavy cream concoction with the curry powder?

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        It's not thick and viscous...it's a bit runny. If you spoon some onto a plate, it will definitely spread out a bit. Do you think those tricksters put cream in what they call a yogurt-based sauce? I mean, that would be a way to thin it out, for sure... Ooh, I really hope there was no cream in it, 'cause I definitely always end up having them bring me out an extra ramekin of sauce!

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          Oh, if they CALLED it yogurt-based, then I'm sure it is -- I just thought you were guessing. :-) I've never had it.

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            Full fat yogurt tastes like tangy cream and has quite a high fat content. If you stir it vigorously it will thin out, and one could always add water or milk to thin it further...

        2. I've made a yellow curry sauce for fondue before. I bought a small container of Thai curry paste from the Asian market and added some coconut milk to it, just as you would if you were making a main dish. It was a hit with my friends!

          Even though the curry sauce at MP is yogurt-based, it may still have some coconut milk or cream in it too.

          1. Nicole, I found this site after running a search looking for the same recipe you were looking for. I couldn't find it anywhere for sure. So, I contacted the Melting Pot. A manager said he couldn't give me the recipe, but could give me the ingredients. He said yogurt, mayonnaise, & curry. I found a recipe I've not tried yet that had 1 cup low-fat yogurt, 3 Tablespoons of llow-fat mayonnaise, & 2-3 teaspoons of curry powder. I intend to try this (without using low-fat's) first & then experiment from there. Let me know what you think.

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              I have the recipe for this,
              yogurt, mayo, mango chutney, red onion, curry powder,lime juice and cayanne

            2. Curry Dip

              2 t curry paste
              1 t Dijon mustard
              2 t brown sugar
              4 t grated onion
              6 T mayonnaise
              6 T plain yogurt

              Wisk together all ingredients, chill

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                I make a recipe for to dip artichokes in and it is a curry mayonnaise which is very similiar to the yogurt curry @ MP. I think if I added the yogurt it would be perfect.

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                  The curry sauce has become my secret ingredient for meatloaf and turned ordinary into WOW overnight.

              2. I ate at a Melting Pot tonight and I too love the curry sauce. The chef was kind enough to give me the recipe. Of course it makes a big batch but you can half it or quarter it.

                Lemon Juice-3 oz, Mayo-2 quarts, Plain Yogurt- 1 quart, Curry Power-spice Mix 5 ounces.


                1. My friend gave me this, The curry sauce is mayo 1/2 cup, curry powder 1-2 tablespoons, a couple of tablespoons of milk and some hot sauce, salt and pepper.