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Jun 12, 2007 06:48 AM

Special Occasion Dinner in Fairfield County Area?

I'm looking for a great special occasion restaurant in the Fairfield County area to take my husband to for a memorable birthday dinner. He still talks about a tasting menu at the Ryland Inn in NJ he had for a birthday meal a few years ago, so if anyone has suggestions for a foodie/organic farm menu sort of place that would be wonderful (I'm trying to stay within an hours drive from the Greenwich/Stamford area- but I can go a bit further if necessary). Looking for truly delicious food...thanks very much for suggestions.

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  1. There is a restaurant in Westport that specifically serves local organic food. The Dressing Room, which is a Paul Newman venture, is said to be excellent, although I hear it's a bit on the expensive side. Birthday dinners a for going all out, right?
    Here is the link:

    For a special, romantic dinner, try Chocopolgie Cafe in South Norwalk. They do one night a month, which is a prefix dinner, somewhat of a tasing menu. The food is excellent, the desserts to die for, and they make chocolate confections right on the premises. Sure to be a memorable meal. Here is the link:

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      Thank you so much for your suggestions- these both sound wonderful and are just the sort of thing I was looking for.

    2. I was just reading some threads in the Tri-State Region board and someoen had recommended this place that looks so amazing. I may take the drive to test it out. It looks to be in Westchester but I'm not 100%; not familiar with the town's name.

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        Thank you, that is a wonderful suggestion as well. I have heard that the food is divine and we have been talking about going there for awhile. I will add that to the list!

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          I, too, have heard the "stone barns at Blue Hill" are amazing. I also heard that in order to get a reservation there, you need to call exactly three months sooner, no later. That may make it harder, but I'm sure it's totally worth it. I would call just in case.