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Jun 12, 2007 05:13 AM

Flatiron steak.... what's the best way to cook ????

I don't have a grill and am working with an electric oven Thanks

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  1. Use a cast iron pan or other skillet...heat the pan well, season the steak with your choice of rub...salt and pepper would be fine. Sear the steak until done to your likeness. The important thing will be getting the pan hot , so that you get a good sear on the outside of the meat. seal in the juices....Then let sit for 3-4 minutes after you are done cooking to let the juices set inside the meat...serve

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      I like to marinate it with olve oil, lime juice, garlic, ground ancho chilis, S&P and grill. Slice aginst the grain and srve with warm corn tortillas

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        If you don't have a wood/gas grill then a screaming hot cast iron grill pan is the way to go. If you like it more then medium you can put the pan in a preheated 350° for 5 minutes to finish the interior after you crust the exterior.

      2. I bought this recently in a small town in Oregon while camping. The cut wasn't familiar, but the grain looked like flank. Since I just had a small camp stove, I chose to cut it into thin strips, across the grain, and saute those quickly in the fry pan. At home I'd probably cook it whole. Seasoning with salt and pepper, or a marinade, and searing/roasting in a preheated cast iron skillet in a hot oven (400+) is an easy way of cooking steak (or fish) like this.

        Depending on how it is trimmed, there may be a layer of connective tissue along one side.


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          Do you butter and oil the pan first????

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            You shouldn't have to. That's how you get the sear.

        2. I put a cast iron pan in the oven at 500f and heat for 30 min. Then put the hot pan on the oven at high for 5 min sear the steaks 30 sec each side. then put the pan in the 500f oven for 2 min each side. (I salt/pepper, and brush with oil before hand) after cooking move to a plate cover and rest for 5 mins. This is how Alton Brown does them on youtube. I'm a big time griller, and have switch to this for my steaks.

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            You need to read your instructions.They dont make sence.

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              I am glad it wasn't just me that had difficulty following instructions to Altons House ...

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                Very easy... Flank is a thin cut, meaning it's going to cook very fast. With a HOT skillet, sear the meat 45-60 sec per side, then just slide it in the oven immediately after. I'd say no longer than 2 min per side, depending on the cook you want. (2min per side in the oven should cook med-rare) depending on the oven of course.
                And remember, it will still cook once you take it out of the oven. Let it sit for a minute or two. Your ready to serve after.
                Be careful with the marinade aswell. The more juices and liquids you have on it will char the meat a lot faster once on the skillet, so keep an eye on it. Maybe move it slightly to avoid the stick.