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Jun 12, 2007 04:58 AM

Felix in Hong Kong

I'm staying at the Peninula Hotel in Hong Kong. Wonderful service. Very impressive.

Went to Felix, the Philippe Starck designed restaurant at the top overlooking Hong Kong harbor, last night. The reviews were fabulous of this Pacific Rim restaurant. In sum, it was extremely disappointing.

* no Pacific Rim in sight. Atlantic cod, Boston lobster, Scottish salmon with not a hint of Asian seasoning or preparation. Bland, boring and overpriced. Our group of four had appetizers and main for each of us. Not one of these courses measured up. How can you be 0 for 8? The wine markup was discouraging.

* decor was dated. I respect Starck (Delano Miami) but this space looks like Disco decor did in the 80's -- 10 years too late.

* service was big on cross sell (can I bring you another bottle of wine, water? can I suggest a side dish with that?) and low on knowledge of the menu.

* the view was great. The laser show at 8pm over the water was underwhelming.

Having a drink up at the top when the daylight still illuminates the harbor would be fun. But, skip dinner and move on to many more interesting options in Hong Kong.

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  1. Well, my chowhound friend. For your info.,my Felix experience was also a big dissappointment, closely mirrored yours. In fact the only 'impressive' thing that I remembered about that disastrous evening was the visit to the gentlemen's washroom. Now, that is one impressive washroom with a VIEW!!

    1. Make that three similar underwhelming experiences for Felix.

      Found Aqua superior in food and service and better for view, once the clouds cleared.

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      1. re: fpatrick

        Glad to hear from a fellow chowhound who actually has positive things to say about Aqua! Every one else complained its too touristy. Myself, I love the mix and match Japanese/Italian theme. Where else can one have a nouveau seared foir gras and Wagyu beef sushi as starter and then follow that up with a plate of pasta with south China sea seafood?! And as said, the view is awesome on a clear night.

        1. re: Charles Yu

          The view is to die for. But on food, I would prefer Hutong.

      2. I live in HK and the last time I tried Felix must have been close to 10 years ago! Never wanted to go back and this just confirmed it. The other restaurants in the Peninsula are excellent though. Stick with Gaddi's, Chesa and Spring Moon instead!