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Jun 12, 2007 04:00 AM

Anyone know where I can get burrata cheese in New Jersey?

I'd really like to try this after seeing and hearing about it recently, however, the stores I've asked have never heard of it... the more upscale Wegmans even, I asked their "fromagerie" at two different locations and no one had a clue.

I know I can get it in Brooklyn and Manhattan, etc., but I'm looking for some place more local.

So if you're in the Jersey area, and have purchased this, FRESH, please let me know where I can get it?


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  1. I'm not in Jersey, but I got it at my local, not-fancy-really supermarket, it was made by Belgioiso so maybe you could ask them where it's distributed in your area?

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      Thanks, I'm looking for fresh cheese though, I don't want any aging from shipping on this cheese, I'm looking for tasting it while it's still a newborn babe! :P

      1. re: TarheelYankee

        .Unless someone makes it local to you, I don't know how much fresher you could get. Belgioiso is made in Wisconsin so I'm sure it's not more than a few days old by the time it gets to Jersey. The company is run by the Aurrichio family but some of them relocated here, it's a long story. The cheese itself tasted almost too "green" to me personally.

    2. You might try Whole Foods cheese counter in Madison, or the Wine Warehouse in Millburn has a great cheese counter as well. I haven't looked for this particular cheese, but these are the two best places I can think of to buy anything out of the ordinary.

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        just so ppl would know...

        burrata is related to the mozzarella cheese, and most of it in the states is imported from italy. dipalo's in the city sometimes makes their own (they didn't have any last time i was down there) but most comes from italy, often with a type of leaves around it which turn colors when the cheese is about to go bad.

        i'm not in northern nj (sorry!) but in dutchess cty, ny. i know one place up here in rhinebeck periodically gets it, but what they do is go down to brooklyn and get it from an importer off the boat. i believe that's what the original poster is looking for, some local cheese shop which carries higher end cheese that has to be sold *soon*, else it goes bad.

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          You might give Corrado's in Clifton a call to see if they have it. I have been to their grocery store a few times while picking up supplies in their brewing shop - they are Italian based and I remember they had some interesting cheeses.

        2. re: food_for_thought

          There is also a specialty cheese shop in downtown Summit. The owners there are nice and very helpful.

        3. In addition to Corrados, I would also call Cafasso's Fairway Market in Fort Lee, and I would also call Bartolomeo in Palisades Park. Esposito's in East Hanover might also have it. Also Jerry's Gourmet in Englewood and in Ridgewood.

          1. Wondering if there are any updates to this post from a few years ago... I'm looking for retail availability (not restaurant). I'm in Toms River, but am willing to travel. I asked at our local weekly farmer's market where there's a guy who sells fresh mozzarella, and he replied that he doesn't carry it because "nobody around here knows what it is!"


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              DiBruno Bros. in Philly has it, and I'm pretty sure they do mail order, so you wouldn't need to travel.


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                Thanks. It looks like the on-line order system wants to add $30 for 2nd day air shipping... which probably doesn't make too much sense from Philadelphia to Toms River. I'll have to give them a call.

                1. re: njfreqflyer

                  Bizarre! UPS ground is probably next-day delivery in Tom's River. (I've never ordered from them because I live close to Philadelphia). Would the plane land at Tom's River International Airport?

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                go see Meghan at sickles mkt. she receives a shipment from italy every saturday and is by far the most knowledgeable fromagerie in monmouth county. not surprised about toms river btw, where do you buy cheese around here? i have lived in beachwood for 3+ yrs and there is NOWHERE to buy that kind of product that i know of....

                1. re: chefMD

                  Thanks for the lead on Sickles Market. I will definitely check on that.

                  Locally, I don't know of anything very good and very convenient. The Bay Head Cheese Shop on Bridge Ave in Bay Head has a good, albeit small, selection. Otherwise, I'll head up to Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck, or when I'm up north, add some cheese to my wine shopping at the Wine Library in Springfield, which has a very nice selection.

                  A gourmet cheese shop would be a great addition to downtown Toms River. Although I would gladly be a regular customer, I suspect that it might have a hard time surviving...

                  See this thread for discussion on Ocean County cheese shopping:

                  See this thread for NJ cheese shopping:

                  Sickles Market
                  1 Harrison Avenue, Little Silver, NJ 07739

                  1. re: chefMD

                    So I stopped by Sickles Market last week to re-supply on some burrata ... learned that it is a seasonal item for them. They import/sell it during summer months only, ending about mid-September. I'm waiting to hear back from them whether they'll be able to do special orders during other times.

                    Sickles Market
                    1 Harrison Avenue, Little Silver, NJ 07739

                    1. re: njfreqflyer

                      Update after my visit to Sickles this past weekend: they will continue to have burrata every other Saturday as long as they can get it from their supplier. Unfortunately, it appears that they will not be able to get special orders filled at other times.

                2. I've seen it at garden of Eden in Hoboken (if you are in that area), though I've never had it. I reserve my burrata eating for Italy or places I know make their own. It is just too precious a food to have otherwise. :)