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Jun 12, 2007 03:01 AM

Arlington Bday Dinner

Help. Taking my girlfriend out for her bday tomorrow night. She's got a 3 year old and hasn't been out much these last couple years and asked me to pick somplace "hip." For traffic reasons Arlginton/Clarendon would be an ideal location.

Main criteria: excellent food and a great atmosphere. I'll relax the "hip" criteria to mean any special but comfortable/interesting environment (where we can hear one another talk). Open to any kind of food and up to $50/person.

Been to Ray's, Guajillo, the Woodgrill, Setto Bello (?), and Harry's Tap Room. Looking for alternatives, as I want to try something different myself.

TIA fellow hounds.

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  1. If you don't mind driving to North Arlington..Lee Hwy, Restaurant Vero is a very cozy and well versed restaurant, with sincere service and a very well priced wine list.
    Not to mention the food is also very good.
    I would call and make a reservation because the place has a good local following.
    I don't really know how they are about babies and toddlers, but it looks like they should be able to accomodate, it's more of an adult wine bar/restaurant though.

    1. You could try the new Liberty Tavern:

      I had a takeout grilled sandwich and salad from them the other day and it was quite good.

      1. Hip = 11th Street, especially earlier in the night. Other than that Tallulah is quite hip and the food is awesome. Both of these you can easily get out for under 50 per person even with alcohol.

        1. Tallula - all my meals have been great and the service is attentive. Cool atmosphere and great wine list too.

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            My only very minor complaint about their wine list is that there is a reserve/captains list with some unique selections at the higher end on it and no one seems to ever be able to find it. It's awesome though- some really cool old and new world geeky wines.

            1. re: beachgirl54

              I agree that Tallula fits your requirements perfectly.

              1. re: jaydreb

                Yep love Tallula, and the staff is very nice I am sure they would be able to accommodate a young one.

            2. Have you been to Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike? The interior is very nice. The food is amazing. It's close to Clarendon--- right down Highland Street in Arlington.