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Jun 12, 2007 12:03 AM

Casual Fish Restaurant-Not shellfish

I am looking for a casual place for my mother's birthday tonight that has various excellent fish dishes. I have noticed that a lot, if not most, of the seafood places recommended on this board are mostly geared towards shellfish (mussels, oysters, crab, lobster, etc...), but my mother doesn't eat any of that. Any recommendations that aren't extremely pricey (nothing over $50) and casual for a small family birthday dinner would be great. Thanks.

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  1. Try Pampano at 49th and 3rd. I think the website is I have always find it delicious.

    1. It might be a bit expensive, but Blue Water Grill does not dissapoint for fresh, simple fish and the atmosphere is fun and casual, good for a group.

      1. Thalassa in Tribeca specializes in ethereal fish dishes. they do also have shellfish, but that's not what I"m referring to here... the fish is SO fresh, and so delicious. Talking about it is making me hungry!

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            I second the Mermaid Inn, and I love the atmosphere

          2. I have always enjoyed the fish I have ordered at Aquagrill

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              I second Aquagrill in Soho. They usually have 5 or 6 types of fish that can be prepared simply grilled and pan fried or with their own combination of sauces and vegetables. The fish, in my experience had always been very fresh.

              Another restaurant that I found to be comparable to Aquagrill is Fresh in Tribeca. Pleasant decor and friendly service, and less crowded than Aquagrill.

              You can find the menus of both on

              1. re: kobetobiko

                aquagrill does well with cooked fish but i have to go and recommend fresh in tribeca. i think this place is excellent and never gets the buzz of other places. its a beautiful light room, excellent, friendly service...and the freshest fish i can remember.

                i went years ago when they opened and recently went back about a month ago. they took off my favorite entree, the kobe tuna but we had a lobster roll and this seared tuna dish that was simple but expertly cooked.

                perfect for parents...though, entrees were in the upper $20 range.

                1. re: sam1

                  Hi sam1, I completely agree with you that Fresh is underrated. It is such a pleasant restaurant. Well, at least it was not as crowded as other popular restaurants which is probably better for us who enjoy it! ;D

                  Nevertheless I do encourage other hounds to try Fresh if they haven't!

                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    there was some talk that the original chef left but it was quite crowded when i went a few saturdays ago...i think i walked in at 8:45 with no reservations and they seated us right away...they had an extra table or two available. everyone was nothing but friendly and professional.

              2. re: kesues

                Aquagrill would be my pick too.