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Jun 11, 2007 11:02 PM

so i've lately developed a craving for the papaya salad at ruen pair...

...medium spicyness, with dried shrimp. crazy good, and i don't even normally like veggie-taybles as brian wilson would say. best in thai town? best in east hollywood? any other joint even dare come close??

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  1. I"ve had very good at Yai, at Hollywood and Vermont. I like Ruen Pair,but haven't had their papaya salad, so can't compair.

    1. I had their papaya salad, and it was so cloyingly sweet for me that I couldn't finish it.

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      1. re: ysb

        it might be on the sweet side, but i can't compare it to others as it's not something i typically eat. i suppose i'll give a yai a try next!

        1. re: rameniac

          Try Nadpob in Silver Lake. I think it was better than Yai although I can't remember exactly.

      2. They have a delicious green papaya salad at Rambutan Thai in Silver Lake.

        1. Best period is at the Wat, but I don't have recent enough papaya salad experience on the Eastside to help.

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            Look for the longest line, order it spicy with blue crab and it is often out of this world!


          2. Walk across the parking lot to Ganda.

            Try the som tam puu dawng, which is a papaya salad with raw/marinated blue crab.

            I've written about it here before, and you'll find additional info, pics, and my most recent menu translation here:


            Oh, and if you like what you find at Ganda, go *back* to Ruen Pair and try the yam puu dawng, which is a platter of simply-dressed spicy raw blue crab. It's one of my favourite dishes in Thaitown.