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Jun 11, 2007 10:34 PM


Any reccomendations for Oxtail when dining out?

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  1. La Rotonde, corner of Bd du Montparnasse and Bd Raspail, serves late and 7 days a week, delicious traditional brasserie food, including oysters, big steacks, good wines... and an oxtail terrine with green asparagus and foie gras. Even has a "bib gourmand" in the Michelin, it turns out.

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      I absolutely adore La Rotonde. In fact, it has IMO the best food out of the large Montparnasse cafés/brasseries like La Coupole, Le Sélect, Le Dôme, etc.
      Nothing better than some foie gras with its glass of Sauternes in the middle of an afternoon or after a movie later in the evening. The menu is online.

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        WOW! I know right where that is, and have never been there. will have to rectify that this fall. Thanks for the heads up.

      2. Two chefs are known for their "Parmentier de queue de boeuf truffé" (Oxtail parmentier covered with truffles).
        Guy Martin at Le Grand Véfour and Jacques Lameloise at Lameloise in Burgundy.
        The latter has got my preference.

        1. France is a big country - where will you be?