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Jun 11, 2007 10:33 PM

Oxtail on menus?

Looking for best dishes around made with braised oxtail.

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  1. Back-A-Yard in Menlo Park has a really good oxtail dish.

    Edit: Basque Cultural Center in South SF has it on the menu Wed only, haven't tried it yet.
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    1. Several ethnic dishes are made with oxtail. I can name a few:

      Filipino: kare-kare has a thick mellow peanut sauce which can be greatly enhanced with bagong (shrimp paste). Goldilock has a nice version but be sure to call ahead. Many branches in Bay Area.

      Indonesian: sop buntut is a clear soup made by boiling the oxtail, vegetables and some aromatic spices. Very simple but tasty prep. Almost all the Indonesian restaurants carry this dish -again call ahead to make sure.

      1. Powell's Place off Fillmore has really good oxtails. I know most people go there for their fried chicken, but I'm an oxtail-kinda-girl and it is usually my preference.

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          Gator's in San Mateo has Oxtails at dinner. I am so hooked on that place.

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            Gator's oxtail dish from their website is $20! Wow, it better be worth it. Slow-cooked Beef Oxtails smothered in a Black-Eyed pea, Tomato & Onion Custard Gravy over Wild Brown Rice

            I paid $12.50 at Back A Yard, Menlo Park back in 4/2006 for oxtails w/ sauce; rice & beans, tiny salad, & plantain.

            Basque Cultural Center in SSF has the Wed only oxtail special served Family Style which includes soup, salad, 2 entrees (oxtail stew & pork loin w/ apple sauce) & ice-cream for $17.95

        2. I've seen it on Nellie's (Oakland) menu, but I'm never there on the right day -- their Wedneday special I believe. Has anyone had it/them?

          1. I'm not generally a huge fan of Zza's on Grand in Oakland, but I think their braised oxtails are pretty good.