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Jun 11, 2007 10:31 PM

Oxtail Dishes???

I am looking for restaurants that use Oxtail. Fantastic ingredient. Also I do want to know who you think has the best dish using it?

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  1. In San Diego...China Max makes a lovely Ox Tail Stew. The Ralphs at Balboa and Genesee typically carries it in their meat section if you care to have a go at it yourself.

    1. Right off the top of my head, I enjoy the Oxtails from Island Spice Jamaican Restaurant. It is a bit high on the "gelatin scale", which is why I probably enjoy it so much.

      Island Spice Jamaican Restaurant
      2820 Market St
      San Diego, CA 92102

      Being from Hawaii, I make my own Oxtail soup at home most of the time........

      1. Caribbean Taste at 6171 Imperial Avenue in Encanto has great Jamaican style stewed oxtails. They come in a delicious brown gravy with butter beans, served with beans and rice, mixed veggies and plantains that are perfectly cooked. My sister and I are thrilled to have found some good oxtails in SD. In fact, we just got home from having lunch there.

        Kirk, if you liked the Oxtails from Island Spice, I recommend you try Carribean Taste. I found them to pack a little more flavor than the ones at Island Spice, and you can ask for them spicier if you so desire.

        They also have a small area in the back of the restaurant where you can pick up Jamaican and Caribbean style pantry items.

        1. Betty Jean's soul food place on 54th just off Euclid has a great oxtail dish. Simply prepared, wonderfully rich and gelatinous. I love this casual spot, like eating at a neighbor's house...a neighbor who knows how to cook great soul food. They also have the best fried chicken I've had in SD, and excellent fried catfish.