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Jun 11, 2007 10:22 PM

Thumbs up for SAM Taste

So after dropping by for cocktails and bar snacks after a movie 2 weeks ago and thoroughly enjoying both, we finally made it to SAM Taste for dinner on Friday night. The restaurant was maybe 20% full, suggesting they're having trouble filling the place when the museum itself is closed. (I'm sure they won't have that problem once the Four Seasons opens across the street next year.)

Most items on the menu are available in small and large portions. We went with 3 small plates of what looked like substantial dishes: the baseball steak w/ dijon gnocchi, the lamb loin w/ mint salad and artichoke-olive relish, and orecchiete carbonara. This proved to be a good amount of food for two.

The baseball steak was genuinely excellent - ordered rare and perfectly cooked, this was definitely the best steak I've had in a restaurant all year. Ditto the lamb loin - really couldn't have been better. The carbonara was less successful - a bit too salty & the flavors didn't quite gel.

We did indulge in dessert - a "de-constructed blueberry buckle." The blueberry filling (in spoons) was good, but we didn't find the rest worth the calories. The buckle-y bit tasted, alas, like it had sat in the fridge. This can work when it's chillin' with the fillin' but when it's solo, not so much.

Bottom line: if the kitchen can continue to turn out meats this perfectly cooked when the dining room's full, this place has a solid future. I was definitely impressed.

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  1. Nice report. If it doesn't have a touristy vibe, I think we might have enough condos to fill the place up in the greyer months.

    By the way, everyone should go see SAM. They did a terrific job.

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      Want to add that the museum is open until 9 in the evening on Thursday and Fridays. We've been to Taste twice. Once for happy hour - great deals, very good pear cocktail. Great fun to have a nice happy hour and then to wander around the museum! On our second visit, we ate in the main dining area. My husband had the risotto and the steak - both excellent. I couldn't resist the mini-burgers (which are really on the bar menu). Our friends had the lamb and the scallops and were very pleased. Service was very helpful and enthusiastic and the food was creatively made and very good. We have had so much fun checking out the new museum and it is just wonderful that the restaurant is this good!