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Jun 11, 2007 10:22 PM


I am looking for restaurants that use Oxtail. Fantastic ingredient. Also I do want to know who you think has the best dish using it?

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  1. Locally? The braised oxtail at Salumi, when they've got it.

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      Often, on Tuesdays, they have gnocci. Sometimes with oxtail.

    2. Coupage used to have an oxtail canneloni, but I didn't see it on the menu the last time i was there. I have also seen oxtail at Palace kitchen, but didnt get to try it. One would think Cremant (or maybe Union) would have it but I don't think they do?

      1. Check out some of the Korean restaurants that offer soups. Many of them will have versions of gomtang.

        1. I've seen it on the menu at Palace Kitchen and Tavolata. Mostly in the winter though.

          1. Tai Tung in the ID often as an Oxtail special and you can order it any way you like. I normaly get mine with parsnip but the mushroom is good as well. Ask any of the guys who run the counter and they will tell you what preperation is best that day.