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Jun 11, 2007 10:20 PM

Pink grapefruit Ting?

Does anyone know a good source for pink grapefruit Ting (Jamaican soda)?

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    1. I just saw them unpacking cartons of Ting outside the Golden Krust on 3rd Ave and 45th St. in Manhattan. They must sell the same thing at all of the Golden Krusts around the City. I couldn't tell you if they stock the pink grapefruit, variety however. I've never actually been inside a Golden Krust.

      1. Pete's Waterfront Ale House serves Ting. You can also purchase it for home consumption at Thrifty Beverage on Court Street just south of Kane Street in Cobble Hill. However, I do not know if they carry the Pink Ting. You might try this link

        1. I'd poke my head into Caribbean grocery stores and supermarkets in Caribbean neighborhoods. I see Pepsico's got them making sugar-free Ting, too, though given the scarcity of diet soda of any kind in the jerk and roti shops I used to go to in South Florida, that might prove as rare a sight as unicorns for a while ;)

          1. they have it at Christie's in Park Slope/Prospect Heights; north side of Flatbush b/w 7th and 8th aves.