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Jun 11, 2007 09:37 PM

Brooklyn Caterer

Has anyone used charles susswein?

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  1. I have not used Charles, but...try Winter Caterers, they are in Staten Island but will service Bklyn... they are on Richmond Road...should be able to find their number easily

    Great food not so expensive...

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    1. re: PeteDelfino

      The problem is this is for my wedding next summer at the picnic house in propsect park and you have to use their list of caterers so winter caterers isn't on it, but thanks for the tip.

      1. re: parkerbk

        Is Naturally Delicious on it?
        We went to a wedding at the audubon center in Prospect Park, and the food was amazing: delicious and beautiful.

        1. re: Budino

          I think they are on it, I iwll check them out. Also has anyone used Bon Soir caterers?

        2. re: parkerbk

          We are getting married in the Picnic House in October and we have decided to use Raging Skillet (she is on the list). Chef Rossi was able to work with me to come up with an affordable menu of foods that I wanted! Give her a call! And good luck!