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Jun 11, 2007 09:24 PM

Tavern on the Park ...

Anybody have the inside scoop on Tavern on the Park at the Prudential Building? The location is (seriously) to die for considering it is probably one of the closer restaurants to the park with a magnificent view. (I work in that building, very familar with the vantage point)

They have been in construction for quite a while now. The building was sold to an LA based REIT last year around this time and immediately plans for Taven on the Park were announced with an anticipated opening date of Fall 2006, which got pushed into Spring 2007, and here we are in Summer 2007.

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  1. Some of my good friends are opening that restaurant in mid-July. Should be phenomenal - American style from what I understand - part of Keifer's constituant.

    1. For the record, it is Tavern At the Park (picky, I know). I work in the building too and it looks like it is going to be very nice. They will have rooftop dining too which should give some nice views. I understand this will be a moderately priced restaurant, not fancy, but that will be good for the area too. They only have to be a half rung above Park Grill to make it big!

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        Thanks ... I wasn't sure about the opening date. (and thanks for the name correction!) :)

      2. Tavern at the Park is co-owned by the same people over at Keefer's. I am pretty sure the first open day to the public will be Aug. 1st. Prior to that, they will be having a few nights of VIP dinners for investors, etc. The rooftop will not be open this summer. They will shoot for next summer due to cost and time right now. Besides the Keefer's, the main names behind this restaurant will be the DeCastro's. Pete and Don.

        1. I know someone working there who's palate I trust who says the food is wonderful. They certainly sound like they're setting up the operation of the restaurant to be pretty slick... Soft opening is this week. Official opening is, I believe, July 31, at least according to Z***t's...

          I don't live there but am looking forward to knowng what Hounds think of the food.