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Jun 11, 2007 09:23 PM

Good value caterer in Toronto?

My company needs a caterer for a corporate event for 75 people. Unfortunately, we don't have a large budget. I've heard of lots of great caterers, but they are quite pricey. Can anyone recommend a caterer that's reliable and works well on a budget? Thanks.

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  1. i was at a corporate function last week where I know the budget was tight. They had excellent food from Saigon Sisters. You may want to inquire.

    For great value but certainly not gourmet, it used to be that The Pickle Barrel trays were the best bang for the buck.

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      What part of town are you in? If you are on the east side, I can recommend someone who catered my husband's company party. Also, are you talking a sit down service here or just food stations?

      1. re: courgette

        We're downtown. It is basically a light dinner, not sit down. In the past we've had a mixture of hors d'oeuvres and platters.

    2. There was an earlier thread on catering that you might also wish to consult.

      1. I hire caterers a lot.

        I can recommend the following:

        Food For Thought/Hatch & Faith - Good solid food; you'll get a wide variety, whatever your price point. 905.943.9346

        Jayne Dunsmore - slightly smaller variety at whatever your price point is, but her food is spectacular. 416.406.4500

        If you go with either, tell them Daniel sent you.

        1. er, when I said mention my name, I should add that doesn't get a discount (I'm nobody special)--just to provide an introduction.

          1. Thanks for the recommends everyone.Greatly appreciated. I already spoke to one caterer from a previous thread who turned down the assignment, likely because he wouldn't make money off it. I'll keep on going.