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La Restaurants with Oxtail

I am looking for restaurants that use Oxtail. Fantastic ingredient. Also I do want to know who you think has the best dish using it?

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  1. Bruddah's in Gardena....oxtail soup or oxtail stew.

    1. Jar www.thejar.com for braised oxtail.

      J&J Restaurant also has a great oxtail noodle soup.

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        +1 on Jar. During one visit, they were out of the pot roast. I was crestfallen. They suggested the oxtail as a substitute. It was really delicious and soul satisfying.

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          I gotta try that. I love jar and oxtail. jar so good at braising stuff, and those fries, lobster bernaise for dipping, and the hot fudge sundae, and the burger...woof woof.

      2. They serve oxtails at M&M Soul Food and Aunt Kizzy's where they are smothered with gravy . They also have them at Coley's if u want a jamaican/carribean version.

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          The oxtail looks delicious at Coley from the Yelp photos

        2. I'd also recommend the Armenian style braised oxtail at Old Gyumri in Glendale.

          1. I know it has its detractors, but I've liked the oxtail at Versailles. It's one of the very few items there for which I will pass on the roast pork.

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              LOVE the sauteed/braised oxtain at Versailles. Love the sides that go with it too, the rice, plantains, beans. :)

              If only I still lived near one........

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                the worst 3 little pcs for $ 18.00 ???

              2. There's the Kare-Kare (Oxtail Stew) at Asian Noodles, a Filipino restaurant, in Chinatown, which is pretty good.

                1. Phoenix Inn/Alhambra has a good oxtail dish.

                  1. How about an Austrian Oxtail Bouillion from Wolfgang (hit menu):


                    1. Angelini Osteria has a most fantastic version with just a touch of chocolate in the sauce!

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                        last time i was at Grace they had a very nice oxtail, i believe it was braised. don't know if it's still there.

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                          I 2nd Angelini. Coda alla vaccinara, it might be a daily special available only once a week, you should check. Takes you right to Testacio, Rome.

                          Cube has been serving a fresh pasta with oxtail ragu each of the last few times I have been there, as a special of the day, perhaps they will continue (or can be convinced to do so...).

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                            3rd! It used to be a special once a week.

                        2. I like the braised oxtail at Musso and Frank's for lunch, though it's been a long time since I've been there.

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                            This is definitely not in the fancy oxtail category, but I'm often inclined to get the oxtail at Clifton's Cafeteria when they have it.

                          2. jamaican oxtail at port royal in santa monica is pretty good

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                              I've had the oxtails at port royal and think they are good as well. Mmm, gelataneous oxtails... You could also check out Natraliart another jamaican restaraunt as they serve them as well (most jamaican restaurants will).

                            2. Il Fornaio has an oxtail ravioli on their appetizer list - didn't like it though since it seemed more fatty that meaty to me.
                              I also noticed that there is an oxtail ragu over spaetzle dish on Opus's menu. I'm thinking of trying it this weekend.

                              1. Ford's Filling Station in Culver City had it last time I was there.

                                1. Had the Oxtail Dish at El Rincon Criollo (Cuban Restaurant) tonight (Sepulveda Blvd. and Braddock). It was delicious. The meat fell off the bone, the sauce was not too salty. Rice, Black Beans and Plantains too.

                                  1. Max Restaurant in Sherman Oaks will have a special Philippine menu on July 1. Listed on the menu is oxtail Catalan.

                                    1. There is also an oxtail ravioli dish at Ca' del Sole in North Hollywood.

                                      1. La Botte in Santa Monica serves the most amazing Oxtail Ravioli (I can't even begin to imagine all the work that goes into this dish). It was seriously the best I've ever had. However, their pheasant entree was horridly dry.

                                        1. Cuban Bistro in Alhambra. Best oxtail I"ve had.

                                          1. Had a great oxtail soup at Jitlada on Sunset.

                                            1. The restaurant at the Chateau Marmont has a fantastic Oxtail Ravioli appetizer. It's got a good amount of braised meat inside, no cheese.

                                              Opus usually features something with oxtail; sometimes ravioli (which I've had). It is bursting with lovely oxtail juice.

                                              Clare K.

                                              1. Animal has an incredible Oxtail ragout over fries with vermont cheddar (their take on Poutine) that would make a Vegetarian need counseling.

                                                Here endeth the thread....

                                                1. If you want to try the Indonesian version, Ramayani in Westwood has oxtail soup.
                                                  So does Simpang Asia on National Blvd in Palms (it might've been a seasonal special though).
                                                  Toko Rame in Bellflower also has it, and even fried and then put in soup :)


                                                  1. If youre looking for upscale oxtail theres a braised oxtail cheek at Gordon Ramseys that is really nice and tender.
                                                    For a cheaper heartier fare, Korean restaurants have an oxtail soup thats boiled for hours and is nice and tender. You add green onions and a little salt to the broth and eat away!

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                                                      Oxtail cheek? Aren't those from opposite ends?

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                                                        Depends what one means by "cheek."

                                                    2. Versailles and most Cuban places have it. Does anyone know what their secret ingredient to their rabo is? Some have said chocolate, some say ancho? The version in Atwater's Baracoa Cuban cafe is OK sometimes if you're jonesing for oxtail.

                                                      1. Amazing pasta dish with oxtail ragu at OSTERIA MOZZA!

                                                        1. A lot of Korean owned Vietnamese pho places have oxtail pho. Pho 2000 in Western for example.

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                                                            Phorage in West LA has an excellent oxtail pho.

                                                          2. I'll chime in for OC on this. Bella Cuba in Santa Ana (across from South Coast Plaza) has a great oxtail dish.

                                                            1. There is that odd oxtail agnolotti with cocoa, pine nuts, and currants at Bestia. Odd, but very good.

                                                              1. The oxtail noodles at Sea Harbour...

                                                                1. I had a delicious oxtail toast at Superba Snack this week, a bit of hot sauce in the mix made it even more interesting.