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Jun 11, 2007 08:55 PM

Calgary - Store bought hamburgers

This may be a little off the usual topic, but I'm having a BBQ this weekend and will we have decided to do the traditional burger and hot dogs. My question is, what are the best store-bought burgers. I'm not making them from scratch for a number of reasons, time being a problem, and there's going to be a lot of people. I've asked a few friends, and I'm getting all sorts of different answers, and I don't usually buy hamburgers. So I'm wondering what the best store bought burgers are. Any tips for dogs would be welcome too.

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  1. This is SUCH a pedestrian reply, but we bought a box of frozen President's Choice sirloin burgers from RCS, and DAMN they are good. I know there are more lux choices around, but I love these.

    1. I bought the PC frozen Bison Burgers and they're not bad either.

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        Burger Inn. They sell all varieties of frozen burgers. Anyone that has eaten there knows that the variety of burgers is amazing. Everything from beef, elk, bison, salmon, chicken, turkey...... They might even sell their kobe beef burgers frozen.

      2. There was an article in one of the Edmonton papers not too long ago. The columnist rated a number of store-bought patties, and wrote that he would rate Costco's burgers 5 out of 5. The columnist, however, did not include the PC burgers in his sampling as far as I could recall.

        1. I've bought the frozen burgers from Costco quite a few times for work events & they are consistently very good.

          1. Sunterra market makes great burger patties, fresh and ready to barbecue.